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How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome

As a parent, you are aware that surfing the internet is not that safe, especially for the children as they may come across adult content on their way whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or computer. So, how to block content on google chrome?

It is possible to block such content if you know the methods on how to block porn from Google. While parental control in Google Chrome is useful for parents, employers can also easily filter adult content and restrict such access to their employees so that they can be more productive at work.

While using mobile or web applications, it also displays images, advertisements and websites that are inappropriate for kids and are not suitable to be accessed at workplaces. So, you may wonder on how to block adults websites on computer?

To put restrictions on the phone or the computer or block adult content, there are several ways on how to childproof Google Chrome and even to impose Chrome child lock. Using parental controls for Chrome browser creates a secure and safe home environment and workplace.

Following are listed top 5 methods on how to block adult websites in Google Chrome, set parental controls on Google Chrome and access the internet free from any kind of worries:

App 10: KidSecured

Block Adult Websites using Parental Control App

Using Parental Control App is the best way to block adult websites. PanSpy is one of the most reliable Google Chrome filter parental apps to use that blocks the adult content effectively. Without wasting your time, you should install this Google parental controls Chrome app and restrict access to inappropriate content that you may come across while browsing the internet. It is complicated to block the adult content if proper guidelines and instructions are followed.

Not only on the phone but it possible to block access to adult content on computer as well by sync the data properly such as using the Google Chrome parental controls Windows 10 options and the chrome child safe browsing methods.

PanSpy is a great professional monitoring solution that tracks and monitors the user activities very well. By installing this parental controls Chrome browser app, you can gain access to almost all the data browsed by your children or employees such as gaining access to contacts, text messages, photos, calls and social media applications such as Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram and others.  

Manually Adding Restrictions

Manually Adding Restrictions 

Another alternative to restrict Google search and thus to restrict the adult content on the web is to manually add restrictions in the phone or any of the target devices such as computer or tablet. This is a good solution if you are not interested in installing any third-party tools or applications and want to find ways on how to block adults websites in Windows 7.

This is a free method on how to block inappropriate websites on computer and it does not cost anything. You just need to add the adult website URLs manually that you want to block. To do this, following are the steps to take on how to block porn sites on Google:

  • Step 1: In Google Chrome, just go to the 3 dots at the top right corner, go to Advanced > System > Open Proxy Settings.
  • Step 2: In the Internet Properties interface, go to Security tab and choose Restricted sites option and click on “sites”. 
  • Step 3: Once the restricted sites pop up window is opened, add the URL address of adult websites by tapping on the option “Add”.
  • Step 4: Just save all the changes and reopen the Google Chrome browser and this will block any adult website coming on your way.  
Using Chrome Extensions

Using Chrome Extensions 

Other than methods listed above, you can use web filter Chrome extension as another effective way of blocking the adult websites in Google Chrome and to restrict Google porn block content on the web. There is a Supervised User option available in Google Chrome that can be used as a website filter Chrome tool for parental controlling and to add chrome restrictions.

On creating a dedicated online account for your kids in this chrome parental control extension, you can set the restrictions manually. To do this, you can follow these steps on how to put parental controls on chrome:

  • Step 1: Go to User section in the Chrome Settings option and click on “Add new user”.
  • Step 2: Add the basic details and create new account.
  • Step 3: Go to and you can view the added account. Now from the right tab, select the account that you want to manage.
  • Step 4: After you select the account, scroll down to the section “Manage Permissions”.
  • Step 5: Enter the website address here that you want to block under the option “Blocked Sites”.
  • Step 6: Save these Google chrome parental settings and just restart your Chrome. It is always possible to change these adult settings anytime you would like. 
Using Chrome Supervised User

Using Chrome Supervised User 

Another good alternative to block the adult content is to use Google Chrome extensions as the Chrome child protection method. There are loads of extensions available on how to block inappropriate sites and you can just install any of them to effectively block the adult sites.

If you are looking for ways on how to block bad websites on Android, these extensions have the adult block feature of customizing the settings in order to block such inappropriate websites. Below are the steps to follow for blocking inappropriate websites:

  • Step 1: Go to Google Chrome webstore, click on “Extensions”, search for any of the extensions for blocking the adult websites such as BlockSite and click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • Step 2: The extension will start downloading that you can install once it is done. Restart the Chrome and in the extension, go to the Blocked Sites option to add the website address that you want to block. 

You can also go to the section “Adult Control” and add automatic filters to block the adult content in Google Chrome.   

Chrome’s Safe Search

Chrome’s Safe Search 

There is a Safe Search option in Google Chrome to be used as Google Chrome content filter for automatically restricting access to adult websites and any explicit content. To use this Google Chrome filter option, go to Settings and then Search Settings where you can turn on Safe Search feature.

Anyone who browses the Google search engine and happen to see any inappropriate content, this feature of parental block on chrome will automatically alter the search results and use the content filter Chrome option to block unwanted web pages. 

App 3*: mSpy

Use mSpy – Best App for Monitoring Internet Activities

While browsing the web, coming across chrome block adult content is obvious. Since there are a lot of advertisements and promotional ads going on that get displayed without your intention to view them, it can become a huge issue not only for the safety of your children but also for the workplace.

So, how do you set restrictions on Google Chrome? By using the above adult content blocking methods on how to block access to a website on Chrome and how to block adults websites on phone to block inappropriate websites, you can restrict access to almost all kinds of bad content. But even after blocking all adult website, it is still possible that your kids may access inappropriate content.

In such cases to find more protection about how to block prone sites and how block adults websites free, using any other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer would be useful. Using Incognito mode in Google Chrome which is nothing but accessing the website in the private mode is another alternative on how to block content on Chrome. 

One of the best block adult websites methods to prevent access to adult websites is monitoring their internet activities using spying tool such as mSpy.

With this blocking adult content tool, you can hack any of the Android or iOS devices, monitor the web activities and impose Google Chrome restrictions on Google block porn sites and how you want the users to access them.

If you have queries about using these applications on how to block nasty websites, you can always contact the support team through email, call or live chat and get the technical issues fixed. Such tools not only help in protecting your privacy but also help in improving your internet speed by reducing the data usage. 

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