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Wondering How to Catch a Cheater Online? Bring the Truth to Light With Simple Monitoring Techniques

Phones can be as instrumental to good deeds as to bad ones. A new wave of crime and societal vice accompanies the huge benefits phones bring to our daily lives.

A telling effect is the increasing rate of cheating and divorces rocking marriages and relationships today. A recent survey shows that spouses admit to cheating at least once in about a third of marriages today.

You can mitigate the fallout of infidelity by learning about it beforehand, and the best way to do that is to track a cheating spouse’s cell phone. That’s because if your spouse is cheating, there is a 65% likelihood that they’re using their phone to nurture their secret affairs.

In this guide, we’ll equip you with all you need to know to bust a cheater. We know you may have to walk a tightrope in your spying campaigns to avoid any serious legal consequences due to your jurisdiction. So, we’ve put together a laundry list of techniques to spy on a cheating spouse, so you’ll have no limitations when trying to get to the bottom of any suspicious behavior.

What Apps & Technologies Do Cheaters Use to Stay Undercover?

Our smartphones today are more powerful than the machine that put a man on the moon for the first time. It can as well help your cheating spouse take their secret relationship to the moon and back. Husbands cheating online can explore a vast range of tools to keep their secret relationship going right under your nose.

There are a plethora of cheating apps for phones out there, so it can be pretty challenging to find the ones your cheating spouse might be using, let alone uncover the secret relationship on the platform.

If you wonder ‘What apps do cheaters use?’ social media messaging apps are an excellent place to start. Social media is one of the go-to places where cheaters find and hook up with secret partners. Dating apps are also a bastion for cheaters.

To boot, some apps provide cheaters with more features to cover their tracks, including those for hiding messages, deleting messages, etc. Apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat allow them to hide or delete selected messages automatically.

If your spouse is tech-savvy, they can use fake apps to hide cheating messages and other damning evidence on their phone.

Besides the cheating apps, your spouse can also use other features on their phone to cover up their cheating activities. If they suspect that you’ve been snooping around their phones, they could tighten their security and privacy with features like double authentication, end-to-end encryption messengers, auto-deleting chats, etc. 

Can Spying Equipment Really Help to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

There are a plethora of ways to catch a cheating spouse, but each has its pros and cons, including the use of spying equipment. We won’t recommend going full James Bond and deploying futuristic spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse because the cons far outweigh the pros.

For starters, there are many other simpler yet more effective ways to learn how to catch your boyfriend cheating online. Deploying high-tech spying equipment might be overkill. The cost of the tools can be downright prohibitive, and they might require a high degree of technical expertise.

There are privacy laws in various jurisdictions that could mean serious legal consequences for using spying equipment. In many states, it’s illegal to eavesdrop on, observe in secret, or secretly record conversations without the consent of the parties involved.

Is There a “White” Way of Busting a Cheater?

These legal and technological limitations shouldn’t stop you from catching her cheating. There are other avenues for obtaining legit, irrefutable evidence of infidelity without getting entangled in legal consequences or tech mysticism.

Hire a Private Investigator

You should consider this route only if you have some cash to splurge and someone to refer you to a trusted private investigator. That’s because good private investigators don’t come cheap, and you can’t just Google them up.

Ask your attorneys or any law enforcement or intelligence agent for a referral. And when negotiating with your private investigator, take up some tasks involved in catching your cheating spouse to reduce the amount of time you’ll be getting billed for.

Ask Someone to Test Their Loyalty

If a private investigator isn’t ideal for you, you can ask a friend to help you do the investigation for free. But this time, it’s a different type of investigation — to find out if your spouse is as loyal as they claim to be.

Ideally, it should be a distant friend because if it’s a close friend, he might suspect that she’ll spill the beans to you. What your friend needs to do is to try flirting with your spouse to see if he’ll fall for it. If he does, you know he’s most likely a serial cheater.

Find Your Cheating Spouse Online

There are some places online that your spouse should have no business in, especially dating platforms and groups. If your spouse is actively engaged in any of these places, there’s a high chance that he’s breaking his promises behind your back.

Start by signing up on some popular dating apps. Once there, begin searching for partners in your area. He might turn up as a potential match if he’s on the platform. 

Check Your Spouse’s Phone Directly

You can check their phones directly for signs of suspicious activities. If the phone has fingerprint screen locks, you can set up your fingerprint on the phone, so you can unlock their phone whenever you want.

Opportunities to check your spouse’s phone will always present themselves every day, from when they leave it charging to when they’re off doing other things around the house or using the bathroom, or when they fall asleep at night.

Using Spy Apps

You can avoid the hassle of snooping around every time to check up on your spouse’s phone and let a spy app do all the groundwork for you. With a spy app, you can have unfettered access to all your spouse’s phone data remotely without ever needing physical access to the target phone.

The apps usually take a few moments to install, after which they swing into action to copy data on the target phone stealthily. You can then access copies of the target phone data on your user dashboard, which you can open anywhere, anytime on any smart device.

Fight Fire With Fire: Catch a Cheater Online With Spy Apps

Spy apps give you enough firepower to unleash sweeping spying campaigns. You’ll find an impressive array of tools for tracking just about every phone activity. As such, you can significantly increase your chances of uncovering irrefutable evidence with spy apps.

With top-notch spy apps, you’ll get access to high-tech phone spy tools like:

  • SMS tracker. Gain access to details of all incoming and outgoing text messages on your target’s phone.
  • Call tracker. See who your spouse talks to on the phone, including the contact details of the caller/receiver, the time/date stamps, and the duration of the calls.
  • Contact list. Find out the contact details of everyone your target is communicating with by accessing their contact list.
  • Location tracker. View details of your spouse’s previous and current locations.
  • Keylogger. Obtain a comprehensive, analysis-friendly report of every key pressed on the target phone.
  • Multimedia file tracker. Gain access to your spouse’s media library as well as all the files they send and receive.
  • Social media spy features. Track every move your spouse makes on various social media platforms from Facebook to WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and lots more.

Best Spy Apps to Catch Cheaters on iPhone and Android

All spy apps are not created equal — they come in all grade levels, from those absolutely useless to those that guarantee tangible results. Thankfully, most top-notch spy apps have been around for quite a while to prove their worth. We’ve scoured the web and spent copious hours to get expert opinions on and real-life customer reviews of the best spy apps.



On top of the list is mSpy, one of the longest-standing spy apps out there. mSpy packs a punch of spy tools ranging from basic to advanced. You’ll find all the basic spy features like call tracker, SMS tracker, multimedia file tracker, and social media spy features.

There are also advanced features like remote screenshots that give you a significantly greater chance of obtaining irrefutable evidence. All these tools are accessible on mSpy’s newbie-friendly interface. Hence, if your spouse is a cheater, it’s most likely mSpy will reveal all their secrets.


Spybubble App

SpyBubble is also a renowned spy app that’s helped countless people worldwide to master how to catch a cheater online. It can carry out a wide range of spying operations in an untraceable manner.

It takes just a few minutes to set up SpyBubble, after which it’ll then begin sending regular updates of the phone’s data to your user dashboard. You’ll get regular updates of your cheating spouse’s text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, social media activities, location, and lots more.


Hoverwatch App

If you’d like to deploy some remote control features in addition to the spying tools, you should consider Hoverwatch. Besides letting you monitor various activities on your target phone, Hoverwatch allows you to execute some operations on the target phone remotely. For instance, you can use your phone to delete messages on the target phone to abort a budding relationship before things get serious.

Hoverwatch’s spy toolset includes tools for tracking calls, texts, social media activities, shared files, and location.



Minspy also simplifies the process of spying on your spouse with a rich collection of spy features that all are accessible on a straightforward interface. Minspy’s combo of spying tools includes those for tracking calls, SMS, Instant Messages, disappearing Snaps, social media activities, etc.

There’s also a reliable support team that’ll provide you with technical support if you’re having a hard time with anything.


App 4: MobiStealth

As the name suggests, Mobistealth is untraceable and works remotely, diminishing any chances of getting caught by your spouse. It operates round the clock to copy a wide range of data on the target phone without using up any significant amount of phone resources like data, battery life, or memory space.

You’ll only need one-time access to your spouse’s phone to lock and load Mobistealth on it. After that, you’ll be getting constant updates of their calls, texts, social media, and location.

How to Track a Cheating Spouse’s Cell Phone Location?

One of the most instrumental features of cheating apps for Android and iPhone that’ll help you uncover irrefutable evidence is the location tracker. Forget those traditional methods you’ve probably used in the past, like calculating mileage to compare it against their version of where they’ve been or installing an expensive GPS tracker on their vehicles.

With the location trackers of spy apps, you can pinpoint your spouse’s exact location at all times without any bogus hardware or software. Besides knowing their current location, you’ll also get to view the history of their movement. That way, you can sit back at the end of the day to review everywhere they went to during the day.

Also, if you don’t want to babysit them all day or miss out on important moments when they make suspicious movements, you can set up a geofencing feature. With this, you’ll get alerted when they leave their workplace, unusually in the middle of the day.

You don’t need any extra effort to get the tracker up and running. You can access it like the other features once you’ve successfully installed the spy app. However, note that you need to ensure that their phone’s GPS is active to allow the app to track the target device. is another software you can use to track your spouse’s location. It supports a swift process to track someone’s phone number, with a smooth learning curve and seamless operations. 

localize mobi

All you need to do to use is: 

  • Send a unique message to your spouse to get them to click on a link. 
localize mobi text
  • Wait as they do that, and then their phone will automatically share their location with
localize demo
  • Simply log in at any moment from the comfort of your smartphone screen to track a phone number’s location without them knowing.
localize demo allows you to track a person by cell phone number, regardless of the type of phone or network carrier they use. It works round the clock anonymously, keeping your tracking activities under wraps at all times. You can also rest assured of the privacy of your target’s phone data. Your target’s identity and location will be visible only to you and no one else.

Why Catching a Cheating Spouse on an iPhone Might Be Difficult?

iPhone cheater

Unlike Android devices, you need to use your target’s Apple login credentials to track a cheating spouse’s text messages on iPhone. Spy apps work on iOS devices by syncing with the target phone’s iCloud account. That way, you can catch a cheating spouse on iPhone by receiving updates of their recent phone activities whenever their data is uploaded on iCloud.

However, to enter their iCloud credentials successfully on the spy app, you need to ensure either that their account isn’t protected by two-factor authentication or that you have access to the second device used for the double authentication.

If you can’t guarantee either of these, you may not be able to use some spy apps to uncover online cheating on the iPhone. However, with the best iPhone apps for cheaters, it’s possible to track an iPhone without the iCloud credentials by jailbreaking the phone.

This entails removing some in-built limitations on the iPhone to enable the spy app to work. However, these limitations are critical to the iPhone’s security, and removing them might expose the phone to undesirable security risks.

Don’t Feel Like Paying? Catch a Cheater Online for Free

Most of the methods we’ve recommended so far require you to dish out cash upfront. But we also reckon that you run the risk of losing your money when using many of these methods. For one, the Internet is awash with scamming apps/websites that will use your data and exploit you in various ways without providing anything close to what you’re looking for.

If you feel uncomfortable about shelling out money at this point to learn how to find out if someone is cheating online, no need to worry. There are a bunch of other free techniques you can try out.


If you have a solid tech background, this method shouldn’t be much of a challenge. If not, you need some dogged mental stamina to learn how to catch a cheating husband on his cell phone with phishing. But it’s something that you can learn in a matter of hours.

Phishing entails creating a fake version of your spouse’s favorite social media platform and luring them to log into their account through the fake site.

Once you have the phishing site up and running, you can then send your spouse a text message pretending to be an official from the real platform, asking your spouse to make some changes to their account. Once they log into their account through the fake website, voilà! You’ll have their real login credentials and can log into their account anytime.

The only major challenge with this technique is that you may need access to your spouse’s secondary device if their account is protected by two-factor authentication.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

If you have a good technical background, the man-in-the-middle attack is another method you can try your hands on to catch a cheater online for free. With this method, you get to intercept their incoming and outgoing messages by hacking their Wi-Fi network.

However, if you’re looking for how to catch someone cheating through text, this method can easily let you down because it’s completely useless when dealing with encrypted files. Messages protected by end-to-end encryption like those sent through apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat will appear garbled on your screen when intercepted mid-air.  

Steal Your Targets’ Credentials From Their Phone

Another free trick that you can try out is checking up the password records on their phone. But to do this, you may need their phone password.

The steps might differ between different phone models. But it usually entails opening the phone setting or the settings of any of the phone’s browsers, then clicking on the security submenu, and then scrolling to the passwords section.

You’ll find options for managing passwords, but you may need to enter the phone’s passcode to access them. Once you have access, you’ll find a list of all the login credentials used on their phone. 


Do I Need Physical Access to Catch Girlfriend Cheating? 

Catching your girlfriend cheating on Android phones does require one-time physical access to the target phone. But you only need a brief moment with the phone, usually just to load a certain link on it to trigger the automatic download and installation of the spy app. Other than that, at no other point will you be required to access the target phone. You can deactivate the app remotely if you want to. 

Can My Husband Find Out That I Am Spying on His Phone?

Top-notch spy apps leave no trace of their operations. They can operate 24/7 on the target phone without ever using up any noticeable amount of power, data, or battery space. With the best app to catch a cheater, your husband will not have the slightest clue about your spying activities.

What Is the Best Way to Confront a Cheater?

You can learn how to catch a cheating wife by asking her some tactful questions. Except she has a photographic memory, she’ll most likely fail to keep up with all her lies and will slip up now and then. If that happens, you can exploit significant gaps in her stories to send the web of lies crumbling like a pack of cards.

Can I Spy on My Spouse’s Phone With Just the Phone Number?

Yes, some spy tools allow you to track the location of a phone using just the phone number. All you need to do is to insert the target phone’s number on the app and voilà! You’ll be able to see your target’s current and previous locations anytime.

Can I Spy on My Spouse’s Phone Without Installing Software?

There are many options for tracking a phone without installing software, but these usually require steep technical skills. You can try using phishing sites to collect your spouse’s login credentials for various platforms. You can also attempt man-in-the-middle attacks to intercept their messages over the air.

Final Thoughts 

Now you’re fully loaded with the know-how to carry out spy campaigns successfully. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, you know the next available tool to use to uncover the truth quickly.

Your best bet to catch a cheating spouse on an iPhone or Android phone is with spy apps. Top-notch spy apps are effective, reliable, and affordable. They give you an excellent collection of tools to keep tabs on your spouse like a pro. With spy apps like mSpy, you won’t miss a beat of your spouse’s phone activities, all while staying below the radar.

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