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Top 5 Best Geofencing Apps You Should Know

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing can be defined as a location-based service in mobile phones which is used by many businesses for sending notifications and messages to smartphone users when they enter a specific geographical zone. This built-in feature in the phones uses advanced modern technologies of GPS (Global Positioning System) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for defining the geographic boundaries. It can also be used to monitor someone by tracking his location, especially kids and employees. 

How Can you Apply Geofencing Technology?

How Can you Apply Geofencing Technology?

Marketing: Geofencing Apps

Geofencing can be used for marketing businesses and has a key role to play. It can be used for tracking employees by automating their time cards and also for tracking the company location. With this feature, users can receive alert notifications whenever they are outside the geographical boundaries. Many spying tools can be found on the web that can be used for geofencing purposes. 

Family Tracking App

Family Tracking

The apps.geo geofencing feature can also be used for family tracking. Whenever your kids go outside the specified location, you can track them. This is a cutting-edge technology used by many parents to know the whereabouts of your kids as they receive push notifications when their kids go out of the geographical areas. 

Smarthome Control

Smarthomes are devices with advanced technology systems used for controlling smartphones. For example, smart LED lights that operate using geofencing can be used for switching the lights on and off using the smartphones. IFTTT script or else Nest component is the right system to use if you have Android phone and if you have an iOS phone, you can use Skylark. 


Geofencing is perfect to be used for security purposes. Hence, the geofencing applications work best for employers to monitor their workforce and parents to keep an eye on their kids. This is a good tool that can be used for locking your device at the time you are away. Geofencing works by recognizing your location using the Bluetooth radio waves. 

Top 5 Best Apps with Geofencing Technology

Top 5 Best Apps with Geofencing Technology


Sephora, a leading brand in the beauty and fashion industry, uses geofencing technology. This is a perfect example of how geofencing can be used in the retail sector. Sephora has around 2300 retail stores in 33 countries across the world and has one of the best websites on the web designed for operating systems such as iOS and Android. The Sephora app uses geofencing and is well equipped with all the advanced features that provide the best shopping experience to the smartphone users who like shopping online. One of its great features is that the app supports geofencing and sends push notifications whenever you pass by any of the Sephora retail locations.   

App 3*: mSpy


mSpy is one of the best geofencing apps that can be used for setting safe boundaries such as school, house, and others for your kids. This helps in monitoring where they are and send alert messages every time they cross the set boundaries. This free geofencing software has great functionality of setting unlimited safe zones and track all the details such as how frequently and when they have visited the zones. It is also possible to conveniently view the device movements in the location map. 

GizmoControl Family App

GizmoControl Family

GizmoControl is one of the best geofencing companies offering state of the art security features for your Android phones. It is one of the best apps to use for any security and privacy-related concerns, especially in this highly risky internet world. GizmoControl Family is an excellent device management solution that comes with the built-in feature of antivirus to be used for scanning all the files and applications stored in your phone to ensure there is no infected file. The Android Parental Control functionality of the app allows the parents to use the software for protecting their kids and family from online threats. Some of the key features available in this app include Family Locator, Child Internet, Device Supervision, Geofencing, Security against Unseen Threats.   

Control-Apple Maps App

Control-Apple Maps

Developed by Apple Inc., Apple Maps is one of the best geofencing apps that offer excellent map service. The app is compatible to work with any iOS phone. Apple Maps is an app similar to Google Maps with all the powerful features of geofencing. Whenever you go outside your home, Apple Maps detects your location automatically and sends push notifications along with the information on how you can drive your way to home. Apple Maps is the best geofencing app designed for people who drive that makes your driving experience highly convenient and simple. 

App 10: KidSecured


KidSecured is one of the best geofencing apps with all the required parental control features. Using this app, it is possible to define the areas as dangerous or safe. The application works great for sending notifications every time your kids breach the areas marked as secured. This helps you in monitoring them vigilantly and informing you accurately about their whereabouts. It is not possible to be with your kids every time and for this purpose, the app can help in notifying you about where they are. 

Future of Geofencing

Many people are not fully aware of the term geofencing, what is geofence iPhone and how this geofencing mobile technology can be used in our day to day life for various applications related to security, spying, driving, finding ways and others. Currently, the geofencing application is used in mobiles and computers. In the future, this advanced-level technology may find plenty of useful applications in other industries such as construction sites and building infrastructures such as automatic doors, coffee machines, and others.

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