How to Hack Viber Messages?

How to Hack Viber Messages?

Viber is an instant messaging platform that allows users to share messages and multimedia files. It also enables them to make and receive VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. While the service is quite similar to WhatsApp and Facebook, it’s not as popular as the aforementioned mediums.

However, you might have reservations and concerns about using Viber, and for good reasons as well. With the growing online child abuse and scam occurrences we’ve had, Viber is just as suitable as any other Instant Messaging software for shady characters to exploit users.

Why would you want to learn how to hack Viber then? You may be a parent who wants to ensure their children’s safety online or a suspicious lover who wants reasons to believe their partner is cheating.

In the guide below, we’ll show you the quick steps you need to know on how to hack Viber messages and other tips you need to know.

Why Hack Viber Accounts and Profiles?

Hacking a Viber account involves gaining access to it without the owner’s knowledge. While it sounds unethical, there are genuine reasons you might want to learn how to hack someone’s Viber profile.

One common scenario is being a parent who might want to know their children’s activities on the app remotely. Hacking lets you get the information you need without getting detected.

Another reason you might have is on the grounds of infidelity. Spouses might suspect one another of cheating but would want concrete evidence to prove it. Hacking their Viber accounts allows you to track messages and calls that might give a real clue.

If you are an employer, you can track your employees’ Viber profiles on the company phone. Such hacking ensures that your employees maintain high productivity levels during office hours. More importantly, knowing how to hack a Viber account allows you to avoid trade secrets leaks from staff.

How to Hack Viber Messages From iOS or Android

While learning how to hack a Viber account without the target’s phone is one thing, implementing on your own is another. Therefore, you’d most likely need a Viber hacker app to do the job for you. The following are some of the other reasons you’d want to hack Viber with spyware:

  • Tracking Viber messages with a spy app often comes with multi-platform compatibility. Consequently, it’s bound to work on Android and iOS devices. If you care about how to hack a Viber account from a PC, some options on the market offer web and PC support.
  • Spy software often comes in packages that allow you to track more social media platforms on the target device. It gives you more value since you can use the same app for another platform in the future.
  • You get streamlined monitoring on spy software. Infact, some options would arrange the hacked data onto a central dashboard for convenience.
  • Users can get support and troubleshooting services when they use spy software. This feature makes seeking help convenient should you get stuck at any point during the hacking process.

A Simple Way to Hack a Viber Account, Using the App

To get started, you’d need to log on to the spy app’s official website. If it’s a paid Viber hacking software, you’ll be required to open an account and pay for a subscription package. Upon successful payment, the software vendor sends you verification and installation details.

Afterward, you can proceed with the installation process. The app may need its presence on the target device, requiring you to access the target’s phone physically. Also, some spy app options may ask for root access (Android devices) or jailbreak (iPhones) to unlock their premium monitoring features.

Once you’ve completed the installation, you gain access a central dashboard where all monitored data comes into full view. Some spy applications have web-based dashboards that you can access data remotely via web browsers.

At this point, you don’t have to do anything else. The software automatically tracks incoming and outgoing Viber messages and shows them to you in real-time. If the application monitors other social media platforms, you can see the Viber messages in a separate tab for quick access.

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