Read Someone’s Text Messages

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

The global digital economy is changing, and the changes has effected a major deviation in our lives. We use our phones for many things, and sometimes people use their devices to hide secrets. Therefore, the basis for reading someone’s text messages might seem questionable but justifiable nonetheless.

Secret text message surveillance is not new, and some governments have been monitoring people’s phones for a long time. Also, text messages tracking can be necessary if there are no other options left. In this article, we’ll show you how you can anonymously read someone’s messages and share some rational reasons as to why this action is necessary.

How to Hack Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

You can get someone’s text messages without them having an idea. You’d need various methods, depending on the device type the person uses. 

Below are the standard ways with which you can start monitoring a person’s text messages:

The iPhone Method

If the person uses an iPhone, monitoring their text messages is straightforward. You can begin by exploiting iCloud service vulnerabilities. 

iCloud service is a central hub for users’ data, including texts, photos, and videos. Accessing it would also allow you to view text messages without hindrance.

To effect a text message hack, you’d need:

  • Apple ID
  • Password
  • Jailbreak (in some cases)

Then, use a spyware to link the account with a central server where the target’s text messages are collected. You can subsequently see texts from another device, including new, incoming, and deleted ones as well.

The Android Method

There is a variance in how you can read someone’s text messages if they use an Android phone. This difference is because Android OS doesn’t use a central system (like iOS) for all data on the phone. As a result, you’d need to gain physical access to the device and install a spy application to check text messages from another phone.

The installation process shouldn’t take very long. Depending on the app, bear in mind to engage “stealth mode” once you’re done with installation. Now, you can get any text message (past & present) on that device.

Why Should You Check Someone’s Text Messages?

It is a genuine question to ask, as you need to understand that spying on someone’s phone is unethical unless it’s a last resort. Luckily, there are genuine reasons you might have to spy on someone’s texts:

Productivity-Focused Employers

If you’re an employer, you’d agree that mobile phone use during work negatively impacts productivity, which in turn, affects output. Consequently, you might want to use “track text messages from another phone” techniques when your employees clock in on their company phones.

Employee text message monitoring is an excellent way to keep them in check during office hours and ensure they’re not leaking sensitive company details to the competition.

Concerned Parents

One uncommon way to ensure your children’s safety is to monitor their text messages for the contacts they frequently call and text. 

With monitoring, you can find clues and traces of their impulsive behavior and avert any impending danger.

Partners Who Suspect They Are Being Cheated on

Sometimes, relationship partners may doubt one another’s commitments and suspect infidelity. Since a cheater wouldn’t tell you they’re one, your best bet is to snoop around. 

You can secretly monitor their text messages to find out who else they’re seeing.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Reading someone’s text messages without having their phone is a tall order, an activity only a spy app can pull off. The main advantage to using a spy application is that it aggregates the messages all in one place for you to view. 

Also, you get to view deleted messages – a feature you’d appreciate if the person has the habit of deleting messages.

Most Important Features of Text Message Spy Apps

When you’re out to get a text messaging spy app, there are essential features for which you should look out. They include:

Read Text Messages

A text message spy app must be able to see text messages from another phone. Using this software, you can read texts in their correct formats, without having to encounter anything strenuous.

Also, the spy application must include timestamps and contact info for each message it delivers to your dashboard.

Tracking Messaging Apps

A complete spy app package must include monitoring capabilities for other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. 

It’s best to know how to track someone’s messages with a multi-platform spyware. The service would be particularly handy if the person doesn’t use their default text message client.

Location Tracking

If you’d be paying for a spy app, it should have a location tracking function. It’s a nifty feature that comes in handy when you need to know where the person is located in real-time.

Access to Call History

Calls and Text are closely related, and you need a spy app that can reflect that. It should track incoming, outgoing, and deleted calls, while featuring the callers’ names and timestamps.

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