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Top 5 Best Keylogger Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Do you want to monitor employees working in your office? Are you looking for ways to track how your kids are using the internet? Keylogging is a perfect solution to these problems. There are many iPhone keystroke recorder apps available on the web that you can download and install easily without the need of asking for assistance from an expert. 

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is an app that records every keystroke that you type or enter on your phone device. This software has been in use for quite long time and has undergone several variations to improve it to the latest version. With keylogger app for iPhone, you can record a wide range of activities on your phone. 

Why do We Use Keylogger?

You can use Wi-Fi keylogger iPhone app for a variety of purposes. There are different reasons on why you would like to record what someone does on his phone. 

Firstly, as a parent, you might be concerned about how your children are surfing the internet. There are many online crimes taking place nowadays that can affect the contemporary social activities on the web. Thus, to keep an eye on your kids, using a keystroke recorder iPhone app will work wonder. 

Secondly, employers and business owners would be interested in ensuring if their employees are productive and do not indulge in any kind of illegal acts. Companies make huge investment in purchasing and installing the equipment in the workplace. Hence, it is worth using applications like iPhone logger to be used for monitoring whether the equipment is being used rightly.

Lastly, sometimes your partners or any third parties might need to monitor computing activities as per the contractual agreement. Applications such as keystroke recorder for iPhone app can be used for this purpose which then also helps in building trust and maintaining good client relationship with them.  

How Does an iPhone Keylogger Work?

Keylogger iPhone sniffer app is a standalone program with some excellent features to control the activities of anyone based on how the keys are pressed on the keyboard. Users are not aware that their actions are monitored. Keyloggers work by storing the entered keystrokes in small files and details about all the data input are either emailed to you or can be stored for accessing it later.   

App 5: IKeyMonitor


iKeyMonitor is an ultimate solution that works great as a parental control app. By using this app, you can come to know how to keylog an iPhone and monitor its activities.  


iKeyMonitor app is available at $49.99 for iOS and Android phones.


iKeyMonitor is one of the best iPhone keylogger apps and installing it also requires your iCloud account details including your username and password. You also have the benefit of taking iCloud backup and you need not to jailbreak your phone to use this app. This app has received some good feedback and reviews from its users. 

App 3*: mSpy


mSpy, the best keystroke app for iPhone, can be used for monitoring each keystroke on your mobile phones. Using this tracking app prevents any kind of communication with strangers online and keep your web surfing activities safe.


Available at $29.99, the mSpy keystroke tracker for iPhone app works for both iOS and Android phones. 


mSpy is one of the top-rated keylogger applications and a great choice among the phone users seeking a monitoring app with some awesome features to enjoy. To take advantage of its full features, you will need to jailbreak your phone because the only a limited version is available for non-jailbroken phones. 

FlexiSPY App


FlexiSPY app is one of the best applications to monitor anything that happens on your phone or computer. There is no hassle involved in installing the software remotely. 


Starting from $68, the FlexiSPY app can be downloaded and installed on devices with operating systems such as Nokia, iOS, Android and Blackberry. 


FlexiSPY is the most powerful key logger for iPhone apps that works very well to monitor the devices such as computer, tablet, mobile phone and others, and helps you to track even the most untraceable iPhone. With this app, you can monitor all kinds of audio and digital communications on your iPhone and Android phones. 

Pumpic App

Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

One of the leading keyboard logger iPhone apps, Pumpic iPhone Keylogger is a good phone monitoring app that can be effectively used to control online activities of your kids and employees. This send keylogger to iPhone app works with iCloud functionality and there is no need to jailbreak. 


The app can be installed in the Android phone for $16.66 and $33.33 for the iOS phone. It also comes with a trial version that you can use for exploring its features. 


The Pumpic iPhone Keylogger is an effective keylogger on iPhone app and has a great website that provides all the information to you clearly. The app also offers support to the older versions of iOS devices. 

App 1: MSpyTracker


mSpyTracker is an effective keylogger software for iPhone app that can be used for remotely spying on the Android or iOS devices. 


You can try the app for free and can purchase it from $39.99.


With the great features of spying the chat applications, it is possible to remotely monitor the chat activities using social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat and others. With this app, you can track the Wi-Fi hotspots that you can connect with while blocking the ones that you do not want. It is a reliable app that you can use to monitor your smartphones and computers from the comfort of your home.  

If you want to install a keylogger on iPhone for monitoring anyone you want, you can use any of the above top 5 iPhone apps. All these apps are simple and convenient to use. On their website, you can also find easy to follow instructions on how to install a keylogger on iPhone or how to put a keylogger on an iPhone.

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