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How to Track WhatsApp Messages Without a Target Phone with a WhatsApp Tracker?

How can I Track Messages on WhatsApp without Being Detected?

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in today’s world. With it, you can share just about anything, including photos, videos, voice messages, word documents, etc. However, these vast possibilities in connection and communication also make WhatsApp a platform for several inappropriate activities. 

Married couples and individuals in romantic relationships know all too well how instant messaging apps like WhatsApp make it easy to practice infidelity and disloyalty. Parents also know the threats that this mobile application poses to children, exposing them to the virtual world’s dangers. It isn’t surprising to see most people look for ways to spy on WhatsApp conversations. 

Getting access to the IM texts of your loved ones can give you an insight into what they’re up to when they’re away from you. However, it’s not always easy to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, primarily since they won’t outright hand you their phone to read their texts. The best solution, then, would be to find a way to read their texts without direct access to their mobile devices. And that’s where a WhatsApp message tracker like mSpy comes in. 

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages with mSpy?

How Can I Track Messages on WhatsApp with mSpy?

mSpy is one of the top-drawer WhatsApp spy apps that gives you complete access to all texts sent and received on the target smartphone. You’ll also get date and timestamp information on every message on the target mobile phone alongside the duration of video and audio calls. mSpy also allows you to monitor multimedia texts sent to your lover, child, or employee on WhatsApp. 

Furthermore, mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Compatibility is one of the features to look out for when picking a WhatsApp spy tool. The best mobile phone trackers are functional across multiple operating systems, making it convenient for you to continue monitoring your spouse or child even if they switch platforms. With mSpy, you can track both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices alongside Android devices running on version 4.0 and higher. 

How to Install mSpy WhatsApp Tracker on iPhone?

Installing mSpy on a target iOS device is relatively straightforward. However, the procedure differs slightly for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. If you want to track the WhatsApp messages of your child or lover on their jailbroken iPhone, you’ll need to have the app directly installed on the smartphone. Individuals who want to track non-jailbroken devices only need the cell phone’s iCloud credentials to activate the spyware. Quickly, we’ll look at how to set up mSpy on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. 

For Jailbroken iPhones

Step 1. Create an Account 

Once you’ve decided to start using the mSpy app, you’ll need to create an account on the spyware’s website. This process isn’t complicated, with only a valid email address required. 

Step 2. Purchase a Subscription 

mSpy requires users to choose a preferred payment package to have access to the app’s features. The plans are, however, relatively affordable, and users will find options that suit their needs. Generally, after creating the account, you’ll select the device you want to monitor, then a screen will appear with the available packages. Pick your preferred option and complete the payment. 

Step 3. Download the Application on the Target Device 

The next step will require you to have the target device in your possession on which you want to put the WhatsApp message tracker. Once you do, access the app list menu and look for the Cydia app. All jailbroken iPhones have this application. Once you’ve found the app, open it, and look for Sources. Next, click on Edit, then Add. A screen will appear with an empty text box. Enter into the blank field and click on add source. The application will download immediately. 

Step 4. Set up mSpy on the Target Smartphone

After downloading the spyware, reopen the Cydia app and click on the Mtechnology LTD repository. Next, select All Packages, then iPhone Internal Service. Afterward, click on Install and Confirm. Once you’ve completed this set of steps, tap the Restart SpringBoard option, and the target smartphone will reboot. 

Next, reopen the Cydia app again and click on sources. Then, select Mtechnology LTD to delete the option. Close the Cydia app and open mSpy. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app according to your preferences. 

For Non-jailbroken iPhones 

If you’re looking for how to spy on WhatsApp messages, setting up mSpy on non-jailbroken iOS devices is less complicated than what you have for Jailbroken iPhones. You don’t need physical access to the device to install the app. All you need is the phone’s iCloud details. Then, after creating your account and purchasing your plan, log in to your dashboard and enter the iCloud credentials of the target device to link the phone to your Control Panel. 

How to Install mSpy WhatsApp Tracker on Android?

mSpy is compatible with rooted and non-rooted Android devices, and you can set it up in a couple of easy steps. Let’s walk you through them quickly: 

Step 1. Create a mSpy Account 

This step only requires a valid email account. Android users should enter their email address into the blank field provided to register with mSpy. 

Step 2. Choose a Payment Package 

Once you’ve created your account, a page will open where you can select the OS of the device you want to monitor. After selecting Android OS, mSpy will show you the available packages for Android. Choose the one that suits your needs, and complete the payment. 

Step 3. Disable Google Play Protect on the Target Smartphone

To carry out this step, you’ll need direct access to the target smartphone. Go to Google Play Store and open the app’s menu. From there, locate Play Protect. Click on Settings in the upper right corner and toggle off the Scan Device for Security Threats option. 

Step 4. Download mSpy on the Target Smartphone 

Once you’ve turned off Play Protect, open the Google Chrome browser on the target smartphone and enter the download link in the confirmation email. You’ll probably receive a captcha security test; complete it and click OK. A prompt will appear on the screen. To navigate this, click on Open, then Settings. Next, select ‘Allow from This Source.’ Follow any other instructions given to you to download and install the app. 

Step 5. Access Your Control Panel to Start Monitoring the Target Android Smartphone

After successfully setting up the application on the target smartphone, log in to your control panel with your computer or smartphone. Input all the required details about the target device and start monitoring. 

What Is WhatsApp Sniffer, and How Can It Help Read WhatsApp Messages? 

For individuals who don’t want to use spy apps, WhatsApp Sniffer is an alternative to spy on WhatsApp without a target phone solution they could also try out.  The app allows users to read WhatsApp messages of other numbers if they share the same Wi-Fi network. The software uses ARP spoofing to redirect all network traffic from the target smartphone to the device monitoring it. 

Once it detects WhatsApp messages among the traffic, it’ll send them to the user in plain text. WhatsApp Sniffer gives you access to texts and multimedia messages. For families and business organizations that use the same Wi-Fi networks on all their mobile devices, the software is an excellent option to monitor loved ones and employees’ devices. However, the only downside to this WhatsApp Tracker is that it is only functional on rooted Android smartphones. 

Is There Any Other Way to Spy on WhatsApp Conversations Without a Target Smartphone? 

If you’re one of those who have looked for WhatsApp spy online solutions that are alternatives to spy apps, you would have realized by now that the internet is full of several phony methods that don’t get the job done. Most of the tricks you find on the web eventually end up wasting your time and money. 

The reality is, besides spy trackers, there are no other credible options that allow you to monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages completely undetected and give you complete access to additional features. 

Top-drawer spy apps like mSpy offer 100% safety and security and are affordable and easy to use. What’s more? You even have access to multiple devices, meaning you can spy on more than one WhatsApp account from one spy app. Amazing stuff! When it comes to cell phone monitoring, spy apps are the number option we’d recommend for anyone that asks. 


It’s not out of place to want to monitor the WhatsApp conversations for your lover, child, or employee, especially if you suspect they may be up to something inappropriate or potentially dangerous. In this article, we’ve reviewed the best WhatsApp spy for iPhone and Android devices. mSpy gives you extensive access to the WhatsApp account of any phone you want to monitor alongside other smartphone activities. Give it a try, and thank us later! 

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