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How to Monitor Emails – Email Monitoring Software

What is Email Monitoring?

Despite the growing popularity of instant messengers, which are now the primary communication method for people worldwide, emails are even more important nowadays than they used to be. Wonder why? The answer lies in the email box, which is the key to an endless list of services that require your registration. If you are a Gmail user, you do not even need to store the welcome emails with your credentials for various online shops as you can sign in with Google – your email address is enough to unlock any door.

That is why email monitoring is one of the ways to keep a watchful eye on any device and track the emails that have been sent and received from any device, whether it is a personal computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android phone is a must. It is a handy way to learn how corporate or even private email accounts are being used. It is also a great chance to analyze the email usage statistics that can help you identify the sender, recipient, and content of the emails.

By tracking an email, you can better understand the phone user’s activity in general. As an employer, it will also help you observe the quality of email communication made with the clients. You can get access to the whole email system from the server to the client, which provides an overview of all the incoming and outgoing emails from any device you are tracking.   

Email Monitoring Software

Email Monitoring Software For Cell Phone

Watching emails of your nearest and dearest or those of your employees’ can prevent identity thefts, leaking funds, and a whole range of other issues that can lead to a damaged reputation, huge business loss, and avoid some other problems. 

Using email tracker tools can help you check everything that your target person composed and much more. Licensed spyware will give you access to the contact list, incoming and outgoing correspondence, and attachments. And timestamps can be adjusted to your time zone.

If you wish to have somebody’s email or emails under your control, the tools you can use may be very different; everything will depend on the type of data you need to collect. However, if you need complete access to what is going on inside and outside the target mailbox, your choice should fall onto licensed spyware. And SpyBubble is one of the best examples of such software for Android phones and iOS devices. 

The professional spyware applications, like mSpy and its competitors, will apply different encryption levels to guarantee the highest security of your data, your target’s data, and all the details you receive through the app.

mSpy Monitoring App: How Does It Work?

mSpy monitoring app is an excellent tool to track the emails on any target device. It is compatible with Android 4+ devices and all the iOS versions without jailbreaking (Checking the site for more details). The first and most obvious step to using it is purchasing the software. This step is accompanied by your customer account registration and followed by linking your account to the target phone. Here the first one of the multiple advantages of mSpy comes into play: the number of the devices you can track is unlimited.

You can follow several iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and iPads all through one account and without any confusion by quickly switching between subscriptions at your convenience. As regarding the subscriptions, you can combine all types of these. For example, you can buy ten Basic monthly packages for your employees’ corporate phones and two annual Premium ones to watch your kids.

Email Monitoring Software for Android mSpyTracker

On the app website, you can check out the demo to see how this app works. It will give you better clarity of the email tracking and a lot of other handy features of this application before you pay for it. Alternatively, you can try it for free.

If you would like to go for a free trial, you can register your account to enjoy the 7-day trial version. You will soon find yourself willing to continue to benefit from this email monitoring tool by subscribing to its monthly renewal. 

Once you have joined the program, you receive your credentials and log in to your account and see the Control Panel. It does not matter what your own device is, and you can use any browser. However, you will have a better experience using Google Chrome. When navigating your dashboard, you will be offered help in setting up the target device. 

To get the email monitored, you now need to select the platform to monitor, Android or Apple, and proceed with linking.

Monitoring Emails on Android Devices

Email Monitoring Software for Android

If you are not on good terms with modern technology, you will still be able to install the app. There is no need to be tech-savvy: the only requirement is that you need to hold the target phone in your hands throughout the installation progress. And the whole process takes only a few minutes.

What is more, you can always contact 24/7 Customer Support in the live chat, via email or over the phone. They can even install or update this mobile app on your target phone remotely while you are holding it, you can sit back and watch the whole process from start to end. 

Installation on Android

After choosing the Android platform on your dashboard, follow the simple steps below on the target phone to install mSpy.

  1. Get the cell phone whose email you would like to monitor.
  2. Disable Google Play Protect and Google Play Store notifications.
  3. Enable Keylogger.
  4. Type the link you will see on your Control Panel in the browser and download the installation package.
  5. Launch the file you have downloaded and follow the prompts until you see the congratulations on successful installation.
  6. Delete the installation package and clear the browsing history.

You can now check the updates in your account. You will receive them within an hour.

Email Monitoring on Android

Now you can just return to your dashboard and view all the emails of the device you are tracking. On the page that lists all the emails, you can choose your option from the drop-down and select which specific emails you would like to view.

You can also select whether you want to track the emails from the ‘Inbox’, ‘Sent’, or any other folder in the email account. For instance, you can view all the correspondence once you select the ‘All Mail’ option from the drop-down menu.

All the contact info, subjects, timestamps, and short previews of the emails will b at your disposal. You can then click on those you want to view in detail and read them.

Email Monitoring on iPhone with mSpy

mSpy email monitoring works for the iPhones as smoothly as for Android phones and even better. If your target device is jailbroken, you contact Customer Support – and they send you a detailed installation guide.

Installation on iPhone/iPad

If the target device is not jailbroken, there is no actual installation, but syncing your mSpy account with the target iCloud. Below is what you will need to do.

  1. Get the target iCloud credentials.
  2. Make sure the automatic iCloud backups are enabled.
  3. Add the credentials, name, and age to the form in your account.
  4. If several devices are registered with the iCloud, choose the one whose emails you want to monitor. 
  5. If two-factor authentication is enabled, enter the 6-digit code that will flash up on the target screen.
  6. Wait for the updates to appear on your dashboard.

Email Monitoring on iPhone/iPad

The mSpy app has a user-friendly interface with all the features you will find easy to use and convenient to meet your spying needs. 

After the link with the target device is set up, the process of checking the target email will be similar to that of Android. And you will be able to select the type of correspondence you want to read by choosing the folders.

More Features of mSpy

Besides email monitoring, mSpy will provide you with a bunch of other useful data from the target phone. Here are just a few options that you can enjoy:

  • Locations. You will be able to see the routes the person you are tracking takes daily, or more often. You will also have the opportunity to set up the update frequency and precision level.
  • Call logs and SMS. See all the incoming, outgoing calls and SMS as well as missed calls.
  • Contact list. You will know who contacted your target and who they were calling and texting.
  • Calendar. Learn what your target is going to do before they take any action.

These are just a few functions included in all types of packages. You can find more on the official site.

The Advantages of mSpy

App 3*: mSpy

The mSpy email monitor app is a powerful tool to ease your life by helping you to remotely control the target phone and conveniently access all the emails on it from any location. 

It is fully legal and can be purchased from the official website with great discounts. There are standard discounts on bulk orders and frequent sales. 

This application is affordable, and it gives you all the advantages you need to monitor your family or employees’ emails. There are two different packages, Basic and Premium, to meet all your spying needs. 

This app works as a perfect email monitoring tool and provides a comprehensive solution for any control measures. By tracking all the emails on any phone, you can get complete details about any sender or recipient’s identity. More specifically, you will learn their email address and other contact information from the body of the email messages such as name, address, and phone number.

If you find out any email address you are not familiar with, you can always check the details. You will learn if your employee engaged in any fraudulent activities, such as disclosing important information with an external party.

Email Monitoring Software on Windows PCs with Teramind

Teramind App

Teramind is one of the best email monitoring tools for personal computers running on the Windows operating system. This application enables you to track your kids, partners, or employees’ activities to know what they had been doing on their computers precisely.

Using the Teramind email tracker, you can track not only the emails but all the web activities on a specific computer. These include websites they are browsing and search requests, the software they are using, and the documents they have created and saved on their computers. 

Besides, you can be confident about the security. Wherever your business is located, you will never need to worry about the app license or any other legal points. Teramind is GDPR and HIPAA compliant and is recommended for the state agencies as well as private bodies.

How It Works

To start using the Teramind application, you need to sign up for the app first. Once you have created your account by entering your name, email address, company name, password, and phone number, you can install this app on the target Windows PC and customize the app settings according to your needs.

The trial version is available if you would like to test the app for free before buying the full version. To see how it works, you can also book an appointment for accessing the app preview or demo from the official.

This personalized demo tour takes about 30 minutes. Having an appointment for the app demo, you can get an overview of what the Teramind app has to offer, briefly discuss the company policy and its goals with an agent. It is an excellent chance to get answers to all the questions you might have and assist you with the installation.  


This email monitoring software is specifically designed for collecting all the data from corporate machines. You can identify whether there has been any misuse, leaking, or illegal activity by remotely monitoring all the computer activities being tracked. However, it will be just as handy in your private life to reinforce your family members’ security.

With this application, you can receive all the standard updates and alerts about your target’s activities. Here are just a few advantages you can get with Teramind:

Smart Rules option will allow you to configure the specific rules that must be followed by the insiders at work and decide when and how any information can be shared.

Alert System will alarm you whenever anyone is trying to do anything suspicious so that you can sign in to your online portal and find out what is happening. 

Social Media and Instant Messengers Control System will give you an idea of how much the employees are being distracted and warn them about any usage cases.

Remote Desktop Control speaks for itself. It helps you intercept the data being leaked intentionally or by mistake by overriding the user’s commands.

Keystroke Logger captures all the keyboard entries.

Risk Scoring System shows you the general dynamics and highlights the risk areas to focus on.

These are just a few tools Teramind has to offer you in addition to email monitoring. They will be especially useful at the time you have any disputes with your employees about their conduct in the office.

Email Monitoring on Mac with WebWatcher

Suppose you are looking for email monitoring services for a MacBook or Mac desktop PC. In that case, the WebWatcher app by Awareness Technologies will be the best monitoring solution for all your needs. This software is designed for tracking emails of any target device running on macOS.

Once you have secured access to your online account, you can receive all the recorded app data that you have monitored for your reference in the future. 

Webwatcher App

How Does It work?

To use the WebWatcher spy mail app, you can first purchase this software from the application official website by creating an account. After signing up on the app website, you can install it on the Mac device you are tracking. To access your personalized dashboard, you can sign in to your app account with your secure login credentials and start monitoring the emails.


WebWatcher can monitor the work emails of your employees for you using advanced functionality. With that in your arsenal, you can analyze the performance levels of each team and that of all the team members individually. You can also determine whether they are effectively communicating with each other and with other business clients.  

The WebWacher mobile app works for monitoring the kids’ emails just as well. You can track the instant messages sent and received through the social media channels. This way can come to know if your children had been interacting with any strangers or online predators. 

Additionally, you will monitor the keystrokes. With the recorded keystrokes, it is possible to track all the activities on the target Mac devices, including the text messages and emails sent to or received from others. You can find the list of all the websites your kids or employees had been browsing and ensure that they do not access those you disapprove of. 


You are now well-equipped with the best spying tools to protect your family’s privacy or sensitive information about your business through email monitoring. 

Combine mSpy for cell phones and other mobile devices, Teramind for Windows and WebWatcher for macOS to your advantage.

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