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Best Real-time Screen Monitoring Software for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

Real-time monitoring of the screens whether the device is a computer, phone, tablet or an iPad is a modern technique of keeping surveillance of online activities of anyone to prevent misusing of the internet and other offline activities in the computing devices.

Installation of a screen monitoring software helps you in monitoring just any device you want. In the present age of the online world, online monitoring using realtime spy for Mac has become a necessity. The internet is accessible all over the world and is also used for indulging in illegal activities. Thus, screen monitoring is essential to avoid being victims.

For instance, in the present scenario of the business era, it is extremely important for employers to monitor the activities of their employees using spy software for Mac. This is required to check whether they might not be goofing around during their work time and this may lead the company to face financial risks.  

Using a computer screen monitoring software is found to be extremely useful when it comes to increasing the productivity of your employees. This not only restricts them to surf the internet for their personal uses during their work hours but also prevents them from being involved in illegal activities such as online threats, leakage of office files and data etc.

When employees visit the frivolous websites that are fake or managed by spammers, this can affect the productivity of businesses and may lead to a loss. For instance, if they click on a link received in the spam email, this may lead to hackers controlling their office computers resulting in huge business loss.

For this reason, companies ensure that they install a screen spy tool in their office equipment such as computers and laptops that avoid such incidents to happen. 

businesses are hacked by the internet hackers or spammers online

There are many incidents reported online in the media that whenever businesses are hacked by the internet hackers or spammers online, this leads to theft of customer data affecting millions of customers including their personal information and confidential data such as social insurance number, name, physical address, phone number, credit card information, bank account details etc.

These internet hackers can sell this data to third parties and this can cause the businesses to be exposed to lawsuits and serious legal risks. But when you install a real time spy tool in your office computers, you reduce the risk of being affected with such malware and hacking incidents.

When you are monitoring the computer screens of your employees using the Mac spy software free app, you can benefit in several ways such as preventing your business strategy and secrets to be leaked by someone, protecting the confidentiality of your customers, protecting the data integrity and preventing your business to be affected with intrusions dangers and malware.  

When your employees are being involved in the online thefts and hacking activities intentionally or unintentionally, such activities can result in doing huge damage to the business if their computing screens are not monitored and their activities are not controlled effectively using a screen monitoring tool.

Screen monitoring is not only required by the employers but monitoring someone using the realtime spy Mac is also extremely beneficial to track what your kids have been doing online. The internet is available in every corner of the world and is widely spread across different areas using the Wi-Fi connection and broadband connectivity.

Children can also access the internet on different devices such as their computer, laptop, Chromebook, notebook, phone, tablet and iPad. Whichever is the device they are using, they are exposed to online threats if the device they are using is not fully protected with the real time monitoring software. Thus, using a Mac spy software for tracking all these activities is the need of the hour. 

The internet is not safe these days because of the high complexity involved in its usage. There are many such websites on the web that are affected by malware and virus which can lead to malfunctioning of your computing devices.

Also, there are websites on the web that are not suitable for your kids such as adult content, porn websites and others that are inappropriate for the age groups of kids and teenagers.

Hence, if you use a spy computer screen in their devices, you can help them surf the internet online safely without being exposed to such inappropriate web content. Kids are innocent and are not aware of such adult content that exist on the web.

While they are surfing the internet as a source of information related to their education and entertainment, they are habitually curious about browsing the web. Being innocent, they may come across such inappropriate content online and according to their age, they may not be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

How can I Use mSpy for tracking keyloggers on the target Android phone?

Using a realtime spy tool will enable you to view what they are browsing including the history of all the websites that they had already visited to prevent them from being affected by such incidents. 

While your children are surfing the web online to find any important information related to their studies, they may click on an illicit of pornography website which may create a bad impression in their minds.

Other than this, there are also risks associated with online threats and cyberbullying that expose them to being in contact with spammers and online predators.

Making use of computer monitoring for Mac will help you to prevent such incidents to happen in the future. When your children are chatting online on social networking sites, they may mistakenly interact with dangerous people who could be doing some illegal work such as selling drugs online.

To protect your kids from being a victim of such online threats, you can track all their activities using Mac spy app and find out whether they are using the internet safely without any issues involved. Installing a pc monitoring software works out to be the best solution to all your concerns related to the online safety of your children.

There are many such screen monitoring applications available online that you can use and benefit from. If you would like to find more information about these apps, you can read the articles online while reading online reviews posted by the app users is also helpful. 

Screen monitoring tools are perfect parental control software that you can use as parents to ensure that your kids are using the internet rightly. These tools have a lot of different features that allow them to surf the web without any problems.

These applications are available for free to be downloaded and installed while they also come with pro versions that have advanced features you can benefit from. Depending upon the device your children are using, you can use the monitoring tool accordingly. If they own a Mac device, you can install a Mac computer monitoring application to track their online activities.

Using the screen monitoring software is a perfect solution of digital parenting in modern times. While there are so many apps available for you to use, you can opt for the best application with some great parental control features you can take advantage of.

According to your monitoring needs, you can select the best software that matches the operating system of the device your kids are using. 

Kids Shell App – Kid Launcher

If your children are using the Windows operating system, you may like to create Family Safety account which you can find useful for managing all their devices to ensure their safety. This helps in allowing parents to restrict their access from any games, apps, websites etc. that are not suitable for them.

Also, this pc monitoring feature helps you to provide all the features you need to track their web usage by gaining insights from their online activity reports and by giving you the ability to set up time limits and restrict the online activities of your kids.

If you would like to opt for some more advanced parental control options for addressing the monitoring needs of your children, you can choose the best rated and highly recommended software some of which are listed in this article also.

Many parents prefer to choose this method of monitoring their kids’ screen in real-time. Before you select the realtime spy torrent right application suitable for your tracking needs, you can find out about all the parental control apps you have shortlisted and then compare them based on the features you are aiming to have in your monitoring software.

If there’s any screen monitoring app that does not suit your device, you can choose an alternative screen monitoring app that is compatible with your Android, iOS or the web browsers your children are using. 

The best Mac monitoring software you are using for your children may have some great built-in OS features. You can provide your kids with such software that are designed with the technology suitable for their age groups with access to the general features of the computing devices.

This helps to make sure that they are using the internet safely by taking advantage of the built-in advanced parental control features that are available with some of the best screen monitoring software. Such applications are available for all the operating systems, especially for Windows and Mac operating systems.

These parental controls are acceptable and convenient ways of blocking the chat functionality and web access of your children according to your preferences. Restricting such online activities using the monitoring software for Mac also includes controlling the detailed logs of the online content they view on their web browsers and tracking the emails they might have exchanged with other users online. 

Parental controls can be incorporated with some additional customization according to the operating system of the device you are monitoring. For instance, if you are spying on a device with the Windows 10 OS, you can take advantage of creating Family Safety account.

To trace the computing device of your children, you can add their names to the family account to connect the device they are using. This may appear a bit complicated but can help you to benefit in many ways. By tracking your children in the Family Safety account, you can get the complete reports of their online activities from their child accounts itself.

How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome

Another benefit is that you can block any of the unwanted applications, websites, and games that you do not want them to browse. With the help of this monitoring software for Macs, you can mark some of the mobile applications as favorites that you feel are appropriate for your kids according to their ages.

Some of the screen monitoring tools also come with the built-in option of favorites using which you can find out the list of apps that are beneficial for them. 

By using the screen monitoring application, you can reduce the time limit you want your children to spend on their account and surf the web for different purposes whether it is related to using social media or browsing the internet for educational purposes.

The computer monitoring software for Mac also helps you to strictly control the purchasing activity of your children so that they may not be spending extra for building in-app purchases. There are many other features available to be used in the real-time that give you the ability of tracking the whereabouts of your children and finding out the time duration for which they use their mobile devices.

For the Mac operating system, you can use Mac monitoring software for your children that also comes with some built-in parental control features. This screen monitoring application has a few more additional options used for tracking your kids. Within the app, you can access the main panel of System Preferences that has the feature of Parental Controls where you can find all the options to effectively track your children. 

The internet monitoring software Mac also has the option of blocking the specific websites and applications as per how you want to control the browsing activity of someone. Other than this, there is an option of blocking specific people whom you find inappropriate and want to restrict sending text messages to.

You need to set the parental controls individually for every person and once set up, you can also create time limits for each of them. There are other functionalities also available in the Mac computer monitoring software such as prohibiting access to the built-in camera feature of their mobile device or computer that they are using. 

Best Real-time Screen Monitoring Software for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone 1

Best Realtime Screen Monitoring Tools

There are many freely available applications that can be used for monitoring screens that include all the basic features you need to track all the activities on your target device. If you would like to know some of the best real-time screen monitoring applications, you can benefit from some of the recommended tools as listed below:

Real-Time Screen Monitoring for Windows PC

SurveilStar is a highly recommended screen monitoring application for the Windows PC system that can be used for monitoring, recording, controlling and blocking the web activities of anyone you would like to monitor. This real time internet monitor tool is effective enough to record all the activities you do on your computers such as browsing the specific websites, exchanging emails and chat messages on social media, creating and saving documents, using web apps and games. With the help of this SurveilStar application, you can track the time logged by your employees and the files or documents that they had printed or scanned. 

With the help of this screen tracking software, you can prevent leakage of the computer data by imposing restrictions on how your employees use the data on the servers. Using this app, you can also find out who has access to your company file and from which location he has accessed the document. This helps you in catching any criminal activity done on the company computer systems. 

By using the SurveilStar software, you can prevent almost all the internet threats that your kids or employees may face such as online frauds, internet hacking, spamming in email accounts and company computers being affected with malware. This also provides a detailed report including the statistical data of how your employees have been performing and using their office equipment. With the help of its great parental control mechanism, you can track your kids’ online activities and find out what they use the internet for in their free time. 

The SurveilStar application works like an employee monitor that checks how your employees have been using their web for business purposes such as watching Youtube videos. It collects all the tracked information and stores it in the database for you to view it later. The app syncs all the data completely and sends you the collected information both in the online and offline modes. Various computing activities that this software can record include the online activities and recording the emails that are in the inbox and sent folders with all the details such as sender, recipient and the email content. This application thus provides a comprehensive solution of monitoring along with recording of all the device data for you to review.    

Price: SurveilStar can be subscribed for free for a period of 30 days and after the trial period is over, you can purchase the application with price starting from $69.95 per month application for a single computer. You can also get a discount if subscribing for more than one computer.  

Real-Time Screen Monitoring for Mac

Realtime-Spy is a cloud-based best spy software for Mac using which you can remotely track anyone including your employees or children. This amazing app provides a complete surveillance solution for your business to monitor your employees.

This Mac-based application is also available for the Windows operating system. Using this software, you can remotely view the activity log of anyone from anywhere in real-time. You can install this app remotely on any of your personal computers that use Mac operating system. With the help of this remote spy software Mac, you can record your keystrokes and track the emails incoming and outgoing from your email account.

Other than this, you can also view the history of web browsing activities of anyone you are tracking. Since the Realtime-Spy app is a hidden app, it runs in the background of your phone device using minimum computer resources. 

Realtime-Spy mobile is a Mac monitoring software free app that cannot be easily detected in the phone. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you can install it remotely from anywhere. It offers a comprehensive solution of completely tracking the details of not only the app usage, but the data recorded on the computer or the web.

Since this application is based on the cloud platform, it stores and takes a backup of all the data captured online. You can access this data 24*7 from the online portal after signing into the app account. On the left side of your account dashboard, you can also find screenshots of the phone you had captured using the software.

As parents, you are also interested in finding out what applications your children have installed on their phones. You can check all these details under the section of “Applications Usage”. 

If you would like to know the time and day when your children logged into their Windows computer, you can check these details under the Windows Logged option available at the left side pane. The Realtime-Spy monitoring software Mac app has been produced by Spytech, a reputed company known to offer award-winning solutions for monitoring computers.

It comes in two editions viz. Standard and Plus. The advantage of using the Plus Edition is that you can monitor two Mac devices instead of just one and benefit from adding 500 extra screenshots to your subscription plan. There are several benefits of purchasing this real time internet monitoring software viz. unlimited upgrades, unlimited free support and using a highly reputed market-proven software.

Once you purchase this tool, you also get the privilege of upgrading it for free. Your personal dashboard displays the latest version of the software you are using. If you are finding any issues with this realtime-spy application, you can contact the customer support team 24*7. You can also take advantage of the free remote technical assistance available for you to install this software in the device you want to track. This screen monitoring application is easy to use and refined to meet your monitoring needs.

Price: The Realtime-Spy app is available to buy in two editions viz. the Standard Edition at $79.95 per year and the Plus Edition at $99.95 per year.

Real Time Screen Monitoring for Android Phone

App 1: MSpyTracker


mSpyTracker is one of the best real time screen monitoring applications for the Android devices. You can use the app if you have any iOS devices. With the help of this tracking tool, you can spy on multiple chat applications installed on your phones such as WhatsApp, Messenger, SnapChat, Tinder, Line, and others.

Depending upon the kind of application you are trying the track, you can access all kinds of details such as text messages, shared media files, phone calls, and others. It is also possible to track even those files that were deleted by the phone users. There are in total 33 spying applications available in this software you can benefit from. 

When you are running a business and have employees working under you, they might be lying about their daily routine activities they do with the phones provided by the company. Your children and friends may also lie about what they do online.

For tracking what is going on and stopping any wrong activity happening in your office or at home, you can install a spying app to get the company secrets revealed about employees lying and spouse cheating on you. Using this phone tracking application also helps in monitoring their time logs to confirm their attendance in the office to verify the paid working hours they had devoted. 

The mSpyTracker application is a reliable tool for protecting your children which also works offline. Using the app, you can instantly view the current whereabouts of anyone you are tracking and trace him using the detailed map view. By tracking someone’s GPS location, you can also view the history of routes he has followed over the specific time period.

To ensure your kids are safe, you can be aware of their location in the real time and be confident of their safety. This is also applicable to the employees who are sent on client sites for completing their assignments. While they are on the way, you can keep track of them whether they have reached on the site or not. 

Price: By creating your account online, you can use the trial version of the app to find out about its application. Demo of the app is also available on the website to explore. It comes in 3 subscription plans viz. Basic subscription available at $29.99 per month, Premium subscription at $69.99 per month and the No-jailbreak subscription available to purchase at $69.99 per month. You can also opt for 3 months and 12 months plan. Choosing the annual subscription can help you to get the discount you need.

Real Time Screen Monitoring for iPhone

App 6: MobileSpyAgent

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of the best timescreen applications used for tracking any phone you want. It was first launched in the year 2008 and has now become the leading monitoring software in the market for monitoring the phone devices. Since the time of its launch, this iPhone to pc screen app has undergone continuous improvements over the years to match the changing needs of the app users.

With the help of this time monitoring software, you can record and send all the information to any of the devices such as the phone calls whether incoming or outgoing, the textual messages sent and received, photos captured and shared, emails received and sent from the email account, tracking the GPS location of the person you are tracking and other such features that you can track in the real-time.  

By using this data monitor app for pc, you can receive phone usage reports in real time that allows you to monitor just everything on the phone you want to track. It is also possible to block access to the mobile applications that you do not your kids to use. You can receive live alerts using this realtime spy app if your employees attempt to use prohibited sites on their phones.

Being aware of it, you can take the appropriate actions. To check the features of this iPhone to computer monitor app, you can view the demo of the app available on the website. You can opt for the Premium subscription plan using which you can benefit from viewing the GPS map instantly and viewing the live screen of any device you are tracking. 

Once you purchase this Mobile Spy Android screen monitor app, you can receive instructions in your email inbox on how to install and set up the application. You also get access to the documentation guides and manuals. Using the searchable knowledgebase, you can find out just any information you want.

If you opt for the 12 months subscription plan of this phone screen viewer app, you can receive 3 months free access of the SniperSpy application for remotely monitoring computer use. The feature of taking screenshots of the screen you are trying to monitor is available for the rooted Android phones only. It is compatible with the Android devices with version ranging from 2.3 to 7.1.2. The Mobile Spy app has been discontinued for its use on iPhone, Blackberry and iPad devices. 

Price: The Mobile Spy app can be purchased in two subscriptions viz. Basic subscription at $49.97 for 3 months, $69.97 for 6 months and $99.97 for a period of 12 months. If you would like to take advantage of the Premium features, you can use the Premium version of the app which is available at $64.97 for 3 months, $89.97 for 6 months and $139.97 for a period of 12 months. 

App 1: MSpyTracker


If you are still in doubt about finding the best real time pc monitoring app, mSpyTracker is the recommended application. With the help of this real time spy app, you can track anybody you would like by using the basic as well as advanced monitoring features of this application. After reading the online realtime spy review about this app, you can come to know that this is a very useful application to install.

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