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10 Apps to Limit Your Screen Time for iPhone and Android

There are several mobile applications with diverse features available on the internet for the Android and iPhone devices that help in limiting the screen time. These applications have been specifically developed according to your needs of limiting the screen time of children.

Some of the apps have improved their interface while other apps have changed their prices. Best free apps to limit screen time have been designed specifically for kids to limit their screen time on the phone devices they use. If you feel worried that your children are spending than normal expenses on their phones, using parental controlling apps that limit their expenditure could be the best solution.

Using mobile phones has become an addiction among teenagers which is increasing day by day in society around the world. Children, friends and family members are spending most of their time locked onto their screens. With the help of an app to limit time on the phone, it is possible to work out the problem. 

Using the smartphones excessively has thus become a major issue now which needs to be addressed. Mobile phones have not been around for quite long and had been in existence for around last two decades only. Phones were introduced recently in the last few years and have now become more functional than they were before.

It is difficult to understand what the issue of mobile phone addiction is and the implication out of this. In a study conducted in the US, it was found that 90 percent of the adults who own smartphones use them for 7 hours per day which itself shows that this is a major issue.

Using an app to restrict phone use helps you to limit the time your children can spend on their screens. The time limiting apps for iPad help you to analyze the time period for which the phone is used to reduce your screen time. 

Finding out the best application you can use to limit the screen time is a common question which also varies according to the individual preferences. Most of the people are interested in just simply cutting down their phone time because their day to day life activities consume a lot of their time.

Whether it is about watching a movie, enjoying your meal or laying down on bed during sleep, people always carry their phones in their hands and are found spending most of their time in using mobile phones. Using some of the best apps to limit screen time is the perfect solution to your problem. 

We are now getting more aware of how spending huge time on using phone affects our daily life activities whether it is about interrupting our social communication or making us awake at night. If you want to change your lifestyle, using screen time limiting apps is the right solution.

This Samsung screen time app to limit phone use is compatible with both the iOS and Android phone devices and helps you to manage, track and restrict the screen time very well. These smartphone apps are helpful in getting your life back in control by managing the applications, filtering the websites you browse and logging your activities over the phone. 

Parents of children who own their smartphones find the digital age extremely challenging as they find them using the phones all the times. The smartphones are loaded with varied messaging applications such as TikTok, SnapChat or Kik that kids are always found to be using on their phones. They are always seen browsing the web for accessing the viral videos, exchanging text messages or posting tweets online.

This app that limits time on apps is useful in monitoring the online activities of your children. There are many parental controlling applications available for the smartphones that help you in tracking your children, find out whom they are talking to, blocking the kids from accessing adult content or communicating with the strangers. 

Screen time applications have been developed since the time phone activities increased that reduce mobile phone addiction among children. Parents can use these apps to restrict phone usage for improving the time kids spend on their phones to improve their lifestyle and make things simple for them.

Millions of people around the world are using screen time apps that offer reliable and quick support to help their children in living a balanced life in the digital world. With smartphones, it is very easy to use to do just anything you want in your life ranging from paying bills online to order groceries.

It hardly takes a few minutes to complete online transactions on mobile phones. If you are concerned about how much time your kids spend on their phones, using an app to limit phone usage is the best solution to all your problems. There are several applications available online that help in gaining balance in your life. 

People are more dependent on cell phones nowadays which is a major problem especially for the parents. Everyone whether old or young, man or woman or just anyone spend huge time being locked on the phone screen.

But with a free screen time app, you can possibly limit the time your children use on their mobile phones. iPhones already have screen time feature which is inbuilt in the mobiles but for Android phones, users need third party applications to install the screen time app. For kids who use most of their time in using phones, putting restrictions over the phone with screen time tracker app is required which can be easily done using the screen time app.

Screen time tracker application helps in specifying the duration of the time you want to allow your kids to use their phone devices. After the duration, you have specified is over, they would no longer be able to use the features in their phones. Screen time application works for all the iPad or iPhone devices that allows you to effectively restrict the time period any user spends for any activities on their phones and effectively manage your time on the phone. 

Best Apps for Limiting App Time on Mobiles

Best Apps for Limiting App Time on Mobiles

If you want to know how to limit screen time for yourself, it is possible to do so with a varied range of screen time limit apps available for the iPhone and Android phones using which you can limit the way you use your phone.

Though this feature works very well for many users, some of the users have complained about these iPhone screen time tracker apps to control screen time. You are not required to stick to only one screen time Samsung app as there are many other screen time apps available that you can install and try.

These screen time apps are simple to use and offer great monitoring and management solutions for effectively controlling the time your kids spend on their screen. The screen time applications are of huge advantage to the kids who are usually found spending most of their time on the web for educational and entertainment activities. 

Children are always observed to be hooked up with the internet and use mobile apps to limit internet use in their phones which can be frustrating for them. The recommended amount of time children spend on their phones is 2 hours though they spend hours and hours of their time surfing on the internet.

Spending too much of screen time on the phones is found to affect the performance of children in school and their natural sleep patterns. You can download and install the screen time apps from the app store where you can find the best applications that can meet your kids’ requirements. Not all the applications are beneficial, hence you need to carefully choose the phone restriction app.  

Controlling the screen time of children is extremely important in safeguarding their health and happiness. There are plenty of apps available online that you can install for parental controlling which helps in keeping the children safe and providing them peace of mind.

Parental controlling applications are though not perfect and have a lot of undesirable content. Hence, you need to carefully select the right app to track the time spent on iPhone. Parental controlling apps are intended to be used for parents only, not children and are designed for allowing flexible and responsive communication.

By using the time limiter app, children can request accessing the web content and the applications they want to use. Using the screen time tracker app, you can effectively track screen, activities of your children and manage them well from the Parental portal.

With these apps, you can monitor the time kids spend not only on the mobiles but other computing devices as well such as tablets. 

With screen time limiting apps, you can break the addiction your kids might have on using social media and computing screens by changing their habits. The internet accountability for iPhone app to limit internet time reduces the time you spend using your smartphones and rather focus on spending time with your family and friends.

It is quite hard to avoid keeping the phone with you as you need to use it for checking the emails, social media profiles, and text messages by keeping you connected with your social network. But using the phone all the time distracts you from your daily activities. According to the UPenn study, the use of social media increases loneliness and depression.

Using an app to limit screen time helps your children to disconnect from social media and avoid spending most of the time on their phone screen. 

An app that tracks screen time has all the instructions you need on how to limit screen time for adult apps, such as creating an account, installing the best app for limiting screen time app and others.

You can also set up reminders and insights for balancing the screen time so that you can get back to your scheduled lifestyle after an hour. With the mobile app to limit internet use, you can control the way you want to use a phone and effectively control your social media activity.

Using the screen time app, you can provide device addiction coaching to your children by improving their health and wellness, and by focusing on their phone usage activities. It also consists of an instructional guide that provides you all the information you need to help you monitor what your kids do on their phones.

This time restriction app runs in your phone background and helps in managing your phone usage without the need for opening the app. 

Using the app to track screen time, you can automatically monitor the time for which you can use your mobile phone or tablet. For the iPhones, you can also track the kinds of apps you use most of the time.

You can log the number of times you attend phone calls. Moreover, you can also break down your schedule as per your daily activities based on when you use the phone device. With the time limit app for kids, you can also monitor the locations where you visit every day that you can also plot on the map.

Using some of the best apps to limit screen time iOS, you can use to control your kids’ activities effectively and spend a good time with your family. With the best screen time limit app, you can also set up phone-free times for the time period you want to engage in recreational activities such as spending time with your friends.

You can also improve your focus on other useful activities in your life and reduce your screen time for building social connections.   

With the use of a limit screen time app, you can make your family and friends know that you are not using the phone to avoid being distracted and improve your accountability towards your work.

Some of the screen time apps also work with SmartWatch and helps you to track the time your family and you spend on your phone daily. For your children, mobile phones are an effective tool for improving your productivity, connectivity, and entertainment.

Using the best screen time app, you can manage the device addiction using simple coaching and management techniques. These time screen apps give you the power to control your kids effectively. These apps help in improving the quality time you want to spend with them. 

With the help of screen time managing applications, you can reduce screen time activity and plan to schedule the time you would like to spend with your family. Using the apps to manage screen time, you can limit the time your family members are using their screens and set up when you would like to have dinner with your family.

By locking the screen as planned, you can not miss watching movies together with your family. Using the family scoreboard, all your family members can find the screen time displayed on their screens and hence will be able to meet for such occasions and other family events. 

Following are some of the best apps to limit your screen time for iPhone and Android:

App 3*: mSpy

mSpy Parental Control

mSpy is one of the best parental control applications for cell phones that helps the parents to track the text messages, GPS location, viewing photos, accessing instant messages and monitoring browsing history. SnapChat, Viber, Kik, WhatsApp and others are some of the social media channels on which you can track the messages sent and received on your phone.

You can also track the incoming ad outgoing phone calls on any target phone device. With the help of mSpy tracker app, you can remotely control any phone from the control panel. Once you buy this app time limiter tool, you can install it in your phone device and start tracking the activities on your target device that can be accessed right from the dashboard itself. 

With the mSpy app, it is also possible to record all the activities on your phone and view the recorded data remotely from any device. This app has compatibility with any iOS and Android devices.

You need not to jailbreak your phone to install the application. mSpy is the best app which is available to download and install on the web. Users interested in purchasing the subscription plan can also get popups or special discounts before they decide to buy. They can also receive special discounts and receive 24*7 assistance from the customer service team. 

mSpy also offers a free trial for 7 days’ time so that you can try the application before subscribing. During the trial period, you can also find out whether this software that you are testing matches your expectation as per the price of this mobile app.

Before you make the app purchase, you can make sure that it is the official website that you are downloading the app from. You can fill up the contact information and click on the button “Get Free Trial”. Within the trial period, you can also cancel the subscription anytime you would like. 

There are several features offered by the mSpy app, such as tracking GPS location, monitoring the emails, browsing the internet history, checking the app usage, recording the keystrokes, tracing the phone calls, monitoring the incoming and outgoing text messages, viewing the calendar activities, finding out the contact list and others.

Being one of the top parental controlling apps, it is possible to monitor the messages on social media sites such as WhatsApp, Viber, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger and others. 

Price: mSpy application is not available for free. You can use Basic or Premium subscription package plans. There are subscription plans available for a period of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.

Supported: The mSpy app is supported by Android or iOS devices.

Net Nanny App

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is another one of the leading apps that limit screen time which is quite popular among the app users. It has been designed to block access to children from using mobile applications.

This mobile app consists of all the features you need to control the screen time by blocking and restricting the time your kids spend on their phones as per your preferences. This works as a great parental controlling application using which you can very well manage the amount of time spent by your children on using their phone devices remotely.

The screen time management app also consists of internet filters using which you can control the websites they visit and block unwanted sites such as inappropriate adult content. With the help of this mobile app, you can also get the advantage of accessing the statistical data and reports of how the app has been used for limiting your screen time.  

Net Nanny is one of the most trusted parental control applications that can be used by the parents to control their children that offers the best feature of filtering the mobile content.

This is a modern technology app that makes use of artificial intelligence for blocking the dangerous content instantly before your child can view it. It is built with content detection technology that tracks every web page your children view every time whether they click on a specific link, enter the website address directly on the search bar or just search something in Google with a keyword. 

Price: The price of the Net Nanny app starts from $39.99 per month. You can also save up to 25 percent if you want to receive family protection pass.

Supported: Android, macOS, Windows, Kindle and iOS devices support the Net Nanny app.

Moment App


Moment is one of the best screen time limiting applications which is quite popular among the app users. Using this app, you can monitor how the entire device can be used and the whole data usage report can be broken down into an easy and readable report which is displayed app by app, as reported daily.

Using the app to control cell phone usage, you can add any of the family members for tracking their phone usage activities. With the help of this app, you can automatically set up time blocking routine. Depending upon the situation, you can set up time restrictions such as dinner time, family time and others. 

The Moment screen time control app has been designed by Moment Health Inc. Using the app, you can also track the actual average time used by over 4 million users which is displayed according to the days, dates and time of using the phone screen.

The application has Phone Bootcamp feature using which you can find a list of different tips on how you can limit your phone activities such as putting the phone down for 30 minutes, stopping to sleep with your phone and others. Using this app, you can also find out the screen time and the number of times you have picked up your phone.

You can set up your day to day activities according to the time intervals that you can also share with your family so that you can spend your time together with them. Using the application, you can not only limit the phone usage of your kids but can also reduce their social media activities. The app has received 4.5 rating by the phone users.

You can reduce your device addiction by tracking the complete app usage details including the time you have spent on your phone. The app insights also include the providing the screen time track details represented graphically. 

Price: The Moment mobile app is available to purchase at no cost.

Supported: Moment is compatible with iOS devices.

BreakFree SPACE App


Another great screen time application is BreakFree which is also called as SPACE. This is a personalized application used for tracking that helps you in finding a good balance in your life on how you can effectively use your phone.

This best screen time control app has a calm and appealing interface that works through its visual approach. Its visually appealing graphics are stimulating and helps you in unwinding and disconnecting you from your device to give you enough space so that you can devote your time in other activities that interest you. 

On the app site, you can find various tips and quizzes on how you can be free from device addiction and you can also build up the social communities to interact with each other to disconnect from the device together.

Using this BreakFree limit app usage application, you can also block notifications and alert messages that you do not want to receive. Using the application, you can better connect yourself with the phone. Space is a great track screen time app that offers a personalized behaviour change experience which is designed to find out how you can use your phone and how this can affect your life. 

There are millions of app users who are using this application for finding their phone life balance. Using the application, you can find out all the opportunities for putting down your phone devices and explore the world around you.

The BreakFree app has been ranked as “New and Noteworthy App, 2018” which helps you to better control your phone device to connect with each other consciously. You can use the application to set your life goals and track your progress daily for effectively managing your habits.     

Price: The BreakFree application is available for free while you can also opt for Pro version.

Supported: The BreakFree app is supported by Android or iOS devices.

UnGlue App


UnGlue is one of the best apps to limit screen time using which you can detach yourself from the device to create a good phone life balance. Though the application has been designed traditionally for the children only, it can be used by people globally from all generations for tracking and monitoring phone usage activities.

This is one of the best limit time on apps that have a “time bank” feature using which you can track the amount of time you have spent in a day and the time remaining for your daily activities.

This iPhone app to limit screen time helps you in restricting the time consumed in browsing the internet and using data connection. The unglue app is a great application can help in limiting the entertainment activities of your children.  

UnGlue acts as a single app which helps in managing more than one device phones. Using the application, you can end the screen time and start developing better habits.

All the parents find that their children spend too much time working on phone screens. This phone time limit app provides a great solution that helps your children get the power they need to develop healthy habits and manage the installed apps in your phone once you have Android keep screen on for certain apps.

Using the app, you can impose entertainment limits for yourself for managing your family and tracking their activities on social media websites such as Facebook, Minecraft, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and others. 

You can control and manage how you can access the entertainment content such as videos, social media and games by applying and setting up limits for every child on how they can access this content.

With the Internet Scheduler option, you can set up boundaries for your kids on the way you want them to use the internet. You can set your schedules to the on or off position according to your individual needs using this self-control iPhone app.   

Price: The UnGlue application is available for free and can be purchased at $9.99 per month.

Supported: UnGlue app supports Android and iOS phone devices.

AppDetox App


One of the leading screen time applications is AppDetox which is unique in its features using which you can set restrictions on how to use certain applications in your phone such as social media, game and others. Once you have reached the time limit you prefer, you will also be receiving notification.

Using this screen time manager app, you can find tons of information on how the to control your phone activities. With the help of this application, you can track and limit the activities on any of the phones.

Using the app, you can generate reports and log the screen time on how the app is used. With the help of this application, you can learn how frequently and for how much time you can use the mobile apps. This app also helps you to lock yourself out of apps iPhone. 

Using the AppDetox application, you can create different rules on how you can control and use the app based on different parameters, such as specific daytimes, usage time, activity-based and others.

Different social media channels that the app can connect with include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. This screen time app for Android helps you in spending more time towards social activities, blocking the applications and notifications, and helping you to spend less time over the phone.

With the help of this AppDetox app, you can calm down the way you use your mobile app and set rules for mobile applications and notifications to filter out excessive use of phone while you can also stop phubbing and procrastinating.  

This AppDetox works as an app locker using which you can lock any of the mobile applications installed on your phone. With this app, you can receive reminders on your phone on how you can break and stop using the mobile app whenever you violate any rules. 

Price: AppDetox is a free of cost mobile application.

Supported: The AppDetox application is supported by Android devices.

bSocial App


bSocial is a unique application that works as a great moment screen time tracker for you. It helps you in dedicatedly log the screen time based on how much time you spend on your phone device.

This application has all the traditional features you expect in the best screen time limiting app. Using the bSocial app, you can track the phone activities and the reports on how the app data has been used.

In the application, you can find out statistical data and graphical representation in real-time. The app also has the awards and rewards system that you can benefit from. 

bSocial app helps you to be more sociable so that you can track the amount of time used on the phone. It also displays the old history of all the time you have spent using the phones.

While you can find graphical representation of the app usage, you also have the option of applying filters to the displayed data. The app has great features and is dedicated to effectively limit your screen time.

It provides you all the details you need that can help you in finding out how you can improve the way you use your phone and can thus prove out to be the best solution for maintaining the right phone life balance you are looking for.   

Based on the time you are spending on your phone device, you can control your daily activities. With the reports generated in this moment screen time application, you can find out great insights on how you can manage your life and spend quality time for your friends and family.

The real-time data displayed in your app is helpful for you to effectively controlling the way you would like to use your phone. 

Price: The bSocial mobile app is available for free.

Supported: bSocial app is compatible with the iOS devices.

Flipd App


Flipd is the best screen time app for iOS devices that has the feature of setting up auto-replies using which you can set up customized replies. You can switch off your phone and still be able to send instant messages to someone by sending replies so that he can follow up with you.

Using the Flipd application, you can turn off your phone remotely. This works out to be a single app using which you can control the activities of your children. Using this one of the best apps that limit phone time, you can be focused on what you find interesting and stay away from all the distractions.

With the help of this app, you can monitor your productivity as you can focus your attention on your work and devote your time towards your favorite activities. 

Using the Flipd app, you can manage the apps in your phone to delete the apps you do not want. You can also join the community groups to unplug with your friends for the time you would like to be busy at work and receive notifications whenever the time interval you had set up is over.

In the app, there are many resources available to help you stay motivated and get the guidance you need such as self-care, sleep stories, meditations and others. The app has been reviewed by thousands of app users who have given 3.5 rating to the app.

It is one of the simplest mobile apps that blocks your attention from all the distractions and helps you to be more focused on what matters to you the most.   

Price: Flipd is a free application that you can download and install for free. It also comes with the Go Premium version which includes all the advanced features you need such as tracking the statistics across 30 days period, create unlimited schedules and others.

Supported: The Flipd mobile app is compatible with the phone devices that have Android operating system.

OurPact Parental Control


Another unique screen time limit app that you can use for limiting your screen time is OurPact. Using the application, you can monitor how the app is used and track the phone calls made on the phone.

You can also send and receive textual and instant messages over the phone. Using the mobile app, you can receive notifications on a regular basis with all the statistical information you need such as the time you spend on your phone device.

This is one of the leading screen limiting apps using which you can manually restrict internet access or set timely restrictions on how you want to use your internet and also schedule customized app restrictions. 

OurPact phone app has the remote-control option using which you can manually provide a remote grant of your screen limit app to your children. This application is a great parental controlling that can be used for locating your family members.

This screen time app Android has all the advanced features you need that works out to be the best solution of managing your time effectively. The demo version of this mobile app is also available on the official website of the app that you can check. 

With the premium version of this app, you can manage a maximum of 20 devices. This is an easy to use application using which you can manage your entire family. You can set up management preferences to customize the way you want your children to manage the app. Using OurPact, you can set up rules on the social media apps to manage them effectively by updating their status as always blocked, per schedule and always allowed.  

Price: The OurPact mobile application can be downloaded and installed for free while the premium version can be purchased at $6.99 per month.

Supported: OurPact app is compatible with Android and iOS phones only. It is not supported for tablets.

ScreenTime App Parental Control


If you are looking for a complete solution for your tracking and monitoring needs, ScreenTime is the best screen limit app for you. This time limiting app is ideal for users of all ages using which you can set custom limits on every individual app installed on your phone.

The app works great in limiting the device functions and puts emphasis on reducing the screen time effectively. In the settings option, you can make changes to manage your time well and pause activity on your phone anytime.

This mobile app also has the feature of tasks and rewards by which you can set different tasks that you want to do according to the scheduled time. The ScreenTime app is a perfect application for customizing your time limits. This self control phone app has been downloaded by more than 100 million users all over the world. It has been rated with 5-star rating by 20000 app users. 

The app has been given National Parenting Product Awards for the year 2019. Using the geofencing feature of this app, you can receive alerts whenever your child leaves home and comes back from a specific location.

The geo-trips function in the app makes sure that your kids follow the right route. This best Android screen application also has web filtering feature using which you can block anything you find inappropriate for your child on the internet.

The location tracking option enables you to view any location in real-time. With the app usage statistics, you can find analytical information on the kinds of applications your child uses and provides you great insights on how they have been using their phone devices. 

Price: The ScreenTime application can be purchased at $2.99 per month. You can also try the app for free before you intend to buy it.

Supported: ScreenTime is fully compatible with Android and iOS device phones. 

Overall, mSpy is the best phone application that you can use for reducing screen time on any of the Android and iPhone devices. This free phone time app is highly recommended for you if you are looking for high accuracy and precision in the app performance.

This works as a great parental controlling software and offers several key features that are helpful in managing the way your child uses his phone.

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