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Everything You Need to Know About AT&T Parental Controls

The online world is full of threats and cybercrimes. Being a parent, you need to be cautious about your kids and their safety on how they are using the internet. With the help of dedicated control tools, it is possible to monitor and restrict how your kids use their smart devices.

The Internet is a great resource for finding all the useful information you need but if it is not used wisely, it can cause a lot of harm to you. Using the ATT smart home manager, it is possible to create a personalized space for your children. AT&T is a leading company that offers different kinds of services for better managing how parents can control their kids.

There are several parenting control options available that you can opt for such as U-verse, FamilyMap, Smart Controls and others. 

Parenting control application is a smart limit flip 2 kids watch app, especially for the teenagers. Most of them nowadays have mobile phones with an internet connection, so parents are usually worried about them and need to employ the control measures using which you can protect your kids from accessing the inappropriate web content using mobile parental lock such as violence which can adversely affect your children.

There are several software vendors who have developed many parental control tools to be used for monitoring their children and the online activities they do on their phones. AT&T Secure Family is great at t wireless parental controls app to be used for parental controlling that replaces the previous Smart Limit AT&T parental controlling application. 

This app offers more controlling features to the parents on their kids’ internet activities as compared to the Smart Limits where you can access AT&T prepaid account history.

The Secure Family parental control app allows monitoring up to ten lines at a cost of $7.99 per month. Using this application, it is possible to track the location history of your family, track where their location is in real-time, block the app purchases, filter the internet content, set a time limit on how the internet is being used and manage their overall internet usage activities.

This Secure Family AT&T WiFi router parental controls app makes parental controlling reach to the next level. The application blocks the inappropriate web content on your kids’ phones using the objectionable option. With the app, you can locate the phone with more accuracy and schedule alerts.

The Secure Family app is available for trial for a period of 30 days and after that, you can subscribe for it at $7.99 per month after subscribing for up to ten lines.  

Using the AT&T Secure Family app, it is thus possible to track the locations of any of your family members and friends live and get up to date information about the previous history of the locations they had been visiting. The app can be downloaded and installed for monitoring your child’s activity.

Using the AT&T mobile block number app, you can control your kids’ phone better. The application also allows blocking the app purchases from the Google Play Store or App Store. If someone attempts to remove the application from your child’s device, you can start receiving tamper alert messages. 

Getting Started

Getting Started

To set up these parental controls using u verse internet, you need to first understand how this works. Mostly, parents are concerned about how their children are using the ATT internet parental controls which can be used for supporting up to ten children.

With the AT&T free internet security, you also get the option of customizing the parental control in reference to the chat rooms, content exposure, online time restrictions, and others. Before you start using the AT&T account, you can make sure that you meet the pre-requisites for the ATT parental control app which are as follows:

  1. You need to register for an AT&T account which you can connect to the parental control option that you are currently using. To set restrictions for your kids, you can enter their email ids and passwords. 
  2. The AT&T parental control option should support various versions of the Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. 
  3. You must make sure that you can either use the Mozilla Firefox version 2 or above and Internet Explorer version 6 or above. Though the inbuilt feature of AT&T internal parental control might have a restriction, it offers several applications such as FamilyMap or Smart Limits packed with limitless options. 

To setup AT&T parental controls mobile app, you can firstly download the AT&T Secure Family application on your phone device from the App Store or Google Play Store to set up and then you can create your user account on AT&T. After this, you can send an invitation to your kid’s phone from Secure Family application installed on the device.

Now on his device, you can open the text message and just click on the link. From the link, you can download the AT&T location tracker application on the device. You can now follow the instructions on the screen for setting up this Secure Family Companion application on your child’s device and then start monitoring him. 

The AT&T GPS tracking device is the best parental control application to monitor the cell phone which covers all the aspects on how you can track the activities of your child, such as tracking the phone calls, messages and location tracking with the feature of applying restrictions for the locations that are unsafe for your kids.

If you have been looking for the right parental control application that enables you to monitor your children’s device irrespective of the cellular carrier used, KidsGuard Pro is the best application to try. Most of the cell phone carrier users do not use AT&T secure family but the KidsGuard Pro app is the best alternative whether you are using uverse phone lines or others. This AT&T tracking app has compatibility with all the Android phone devices ranging from Android 4.0 to 9.0. 

KidsGuard Pro app offers great features to monitor the activities of your children such as their call history, phone contacts, textual messages and other applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, and others.

Using this kids mode app for iPhone 6 application, you can track the location of your kids which gets updated every 15 minutes. You can access all these features remotely from your online dashboard. This parental control application allows you to monitor the videos, photos, notes, and calendars saved on your child’s device.

With the feature of capturing screenshots in real-time, this is one of the uverse apps that allows your parents to find out what their children have been doing. You can also access their complete browser history to track their online activities.

The application also comes with the keylogger feature which records every keystroke that you can type on your kid’s phone device. This is a hidden app that can operate in the invisible mode. With the 3 days trial version, you can explore the features of this app for free and can also cancel the registration at any time. 

The demo of KidsGuard Pro version is also available on the website using which you can test the application and find out whether you would like to continue or not.  To start using the u verse phone app, you can create an account on the website and click on Try It Now option that provides all the information about your children such as its age, name and operating system of the phone device.

You can visit the website on his device to download the KidsGuard Pro application. Just click on the download link and install the application to launch it. On the website of AT&T parental controls WiFi app, you can sign into his KidsGuard Pro account after which you can follow the process of setting up the application.

Once you have completed this setup process, you can sign in to your personal web panel to view the complete detailed reports of your child’s phone device.   

AT&T U-Verse

AT&T U-Verse

AT&T U-Verse is a great AT&T phone tracking app to monitor how your child watches the television. Using this wireless parental control application of ATT uverse download limits, you can manage the way children use their internet and smart devices.

You can control and restrict the way they watch their movies and TV shows by blocking the type of content your children are exposed to. Using this u verse app for iPhone application, you can sign up for the U-Verse account for below $50 per month and can access more than 200 television channels without any issues.

In the AT&T parental control panel, you can configure the settings option and add your child’s account into the app. After this, you can just simply grant your children access to viewing the channels, filter the content and set the time restrictions. 

In the Settings option of this one of the best u verse apps for iPhone, you can also hide any of the television channels that you do not want your kids to watch by going into the edit option. Just click on “Hide Channels” and select such channels before saving them.

Using the AT&T U-Verse application, you can also set the passcodes for watching the adult content or any of the channels that you do not want your children to access.

On your remote control, you can go to the “Menu” option and then click on “Options” for selecting the feature of “Parental Controls”. On this Windows dialog box, there are several different kinds of features you can set. You can implement any control you would like by saving a 4-digit pin code. By imposing these restrictions, you can certainly manage the way kids watch television.    

With the ATT uverse remote login application, you can certainly access a range of parenting control apps that can be used for bringing the required change in your life. Using the FamilyMap application, you can receive real-time updates of where your kids are so that you can limit the usage of how the U-Verse television application can be installed.

Using the ATT uverse app Android, you can use one of these parental controlling application for creating a space which is secured for your family members. 

AT&T is a great tool that parents can use for monitoring the internet activities of their kids by applying the ATT uverse internet usage limits. This app not only allows you to have complete control of the internet usage activities of your child but also enables you to view the real-time location of your child.

Only the registered users of the family tracker ATT application can access the parental controlling features, so not all the parents can benefit from using the app. As an alternative, they can use the KidsGuard Pro tool for monitoring what your child does on the web daily.

Thus, you can register for the application and start the free trial to explore its features. This is a great application with the availability of uverse chat online feature that offers around the clock uverse chat online service to the registered users. 

With the AT&T phone locator app, you can watch on-demand shows and watch live television channels. This application allows you to experience the U-verse app and manage it using the remote control. Only with the ATT uverse phone features, you can enjoy AT&T Data Free TV and can stream the U-verse live without the need of using mobile data.

The Data Free TV is applicable for selected wireless customers and the residential U-Verse customers only. While watching the television, you can view more of the channels live when you are connected to the home network.

With the on-demand feature in the check uverse data usage app, you can watch the schedule of all your TV channels and select from thousands of movies and television shows from some of the top networks.   

After you log into your ATT my family, you can access the homepage of My U-Verse that personalizes your uverse usage experience under the uverse settings by adding all the favorite channels, people and shows to your My U-Verse Favorites feature.

After logging into the ATT uverse router, you can access the homepage that highlights all the TV shows that you care the most and recommends new shows that you can discover yourself.

Once you register the ATT uverse account, you can sign up for the ATT smart controls application and receive a guide for browsing or searching the programming guide for your television that you can use for finding the favorite shows.

After you create an ATT uverse account and log in into the app, you can also record, and schedule a one-time show or series of your favorite shows on your home DVR.  

With the remote control feature of your ATT control app, you can control the home television receivers under the ATT uverse router config settings. In the Settings option, you can set up the parental controls and notifications using which you can manage your TV receivers and find different support tools.

To use this AT&T uverse parental controls app on how to access AT&T uverse router settings, you need the right device that qualifies to be compatible with it. You also need a U-Family application or a higher TV plan. Your phone device must have a connection with mobile data connection for the app to work.

The content of this application may vary depending upon the phone device, location you want to track and the TV plan you would like to subscribe for. Data charges might be applicable for this and video streaming is not compatible with the rooted devices.   

AT&T Smart Limits

AT&T Smart Limits

AT&T Smart Limits is a great parental control tool that works perfectly as your smart manager application which can be used by all the parents. This is one of the best applications that monitor how your kids use smartphones.

With the ATT uverse parental controls internet app, you can restrict the type of content you want to block and set restrictions on. With this application, you can manage your cellular data and perform a lot of other activities as well.

This family tracker AT&T offers 30 days of free trial after which you can pay $4.99 per month for just one line or $9.99 per month for 10 lines at maximum. 

On the dedicated dashboard of this AT&T block number home phone Smart Limit app, you can very easily whitelist numbers and get in-depth details of each activity that your kids do.

On the dashboard, you can view the activity feed according to the type of activity you do on your phone whether it is incoming or outgoing from the phone along with the date. You can also set up alerts and highlight your activities during specific times for setting your school hours and night hours.

With this AT&T wireless Family Map, you can set notifications and be notified about your important activities. Your dashboard is accessible from just anywhere remotely. Other than this, you will be able to set time restrictions on your phone activities easily related to how you use your phone device and the cellular data. 

Using the chat with the ATT uverse app, you can add the numbers you would like to add for making phone calls and sending or receiving text messages, setting up time restrictions for the time you want to restrict the activity on the target phone device and set up text limits as well.

On the dashboard of your account, there is a wide range of options that you can turn on and off without any issues. If you would like to know how to change router password ATT uverse, you can set this up under your myAT&T account.

You can also add the phone numbers to which you want your kids to contact them only for safeguarding them properly. Once you are logged in, you can also change the channel ATT uverse wireless router. Using the AT&T app, you can consistently keep a watch on your kids to download the AT&T parental controlling mobile application.

With just a single tap, you can manage all these activities on any phone. The internet is a great resource for all the information you need but if it not used rightly, it can cause harm to your kids.

Most of the teenagers use their smartphones for accessing the internet, so parents can ensure they can log into their AT&T go manage my account and employ all the control measures needed for protecting the child from accessing any content which is inappropriate for them, such as violence, pornography and other adult content which can adversely affect your child’s mentality.

Just download the ATT uverse youtube app to set up your account wherein you can add your child’s phone device to set restrictions as per your preferences. The AT&T app has been rated with 3.7 ratings by the app users. 

Many of the software vendors nowadays develop their parental control applications for monitoring the activities their children do online and on their smartphones too. Using the texting to ATT app, you can set up tamper alerts to notify you in case anyone attempts to remove an application from your child’s phone device.

To use the data service is blocked AT&T Family Secure app, your phone device must have an Android 5 or higher version and if you have iOS devices, it should have iOS 10 or above. You must install the app on your child’s phone and pair it with the AT&T Secure App on your parent’s phone device as well or else its features are limited. Using the app, you are also able to trace the location history or the real time location of your child. 

Most of the features you have in the AT&T parental controlling option include setting up alerts on your arrival and departure, setting up the internet limit, applying content filtering and others. Both phone devices of your children and parents should have the same AT&T account using the Secure Family and Companion application.

The text AT&T from the computer app is available for the postpaid customers of the AT&T wireless service. Only the users who are authorized can use the application to locate your family member. However, there are some limitations of your AT&T Secure Family app, it is not possible for using both the AT&T Mobile Security Plus and AT&T Secure Family on the same phone device.

It requires downgrading the subscription to the AT&T Mobile Security basics for using the app.  

AT&T FamilyMap

AT&T FamilyMap

Using the AT&T Family Map, you can ensure that your family is not lost, and you are well connected with your family members. The sign in-app is one of the best applications for parental controlling that can locate ten different devices at maximum to keep your children informed of their whereabouts.

You can use the ATT com Family Map sign in-app by downloading the application from the website of FamilyMap and try it for a period of 30 days. At $9.99 per month, you can subscribe to the premium version of the app later to support up to 10 devices.

To use the AT&T Family Map plan app, you can sign in to your online dashboard and find out the location of your family member in real time. The FamilyMap wireless ATT com application displays an interactive map for you once your family can share their location and keep a watchful eye on their phone devices.

Using the app, you can also set alert notifications when your children reach at their location and arrive back home on time. 

With this AT&T family phone tracker app, you can go to the dashboard and review the location history along with viewing the visual reports. From the phone interface, you can also find the lost or stolen phone device.

Using the app, you can thus ensure that your kids’ mobile phones are safe. Using the smartphone application, you can take charge of the security of your family, track phone location and filter the content for free under the trial period.

You can renew your subscription on a monthly basis and get auto-billed for your subscription plan in your personal my AT&T account. With this app, you can find all the peace of mind you need by ensuring that you track the locations of your children in real-time and receive alerts on their departure or arrival.

You can view their location history for a period of up to seven days. With the app, you can add limitations to block the internet for a specified time for which you want to restrict your kids to use the application.   

With the ATT com FamilyMap sign in-app, you can pause the Wi-Fi access of your kids from your phone itself. The app has a simple dashboard with all the tabs you need to control the security of your family. Setting up the app is just a 3-step process.

From the website, you can get the mobile app from ATT mobile downloads and install it on a maximum of two mobile phones. After the installation of the app, you can create your profile and add the phone numbers of your family in the app.

After this, you need to install the companion app on the phones your kids have. The application works very well with AT&T Prepaid subscription accounts such as Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and other carriers. From the website of the AT&T Family Map app for the iPhone, you can access the guides on how to install and set up this app on your phone.

You can also receive several tips on securing your family and get all the practical advice you need to manage the well-being of your family. 

On the AT&T locator family app, it is not possible to track the content on your kids’ phone devices including the iMessages and text messages your children receive on their phones. With this app, you can also block the picture and text messages you receive on your AT&T Secure Family app.

This application also has the option of filter category which is called Messaging using which you can block the unwanted messages on your kids’ phone. Using the application, you can restrict all the native messaging apps on your Android phone and third-party messaging apps such as Face Time and WhatsApp.

You can view the complete list of the messages by going to the More section in the Content Filters category and then going to the Messaging option. The app, however, cannot block any communications from the iMessage app which is one of the native messaging systems in the iPhone.  

If the phone device of your children has a Mobile Security Plus subscription, the AT&T Secure Family Companion application will not work properly. To run both mobile apps, just switch your child’s phone devices to the AT&T Mobile Security Basic subscription plan before you add the companion application to the phone device of your family.

With this AT&T Family Map app Android, you can completely cancel the Mobile Security Plus subscription from the phones your children have. The billed users of AT&T can cancel this family base companion Android app directly from their parent’s phone devices. 

To cancel family base companion for iPhone, just open the application and you can then navigate to the Settings option. Just go to Settings>Account Cancel AT&T Secure Family and you can follow the instructions you can find on the phone screen.

If you have purchased the AT&T Secure Family application from the Apple App Store through the site of iTunes or Google PlayTM Store, you can go to the settings and cancel the subscription from there. If you want to know more about what does family base companion does, you can find all the details on the website.  

AT&T Data Blocker

AT&T Data Blocker

AT&T Data Blocker is a leading parental controlling application to access your kids’ number to call for data usage AT&T which helps you in controlling the type of websites or applications your children can use daily which is usually the main concern of your parents.

Using the app, you can possibly block the content desired by you as per the smart limits you have set. Just open your dashboard in the ATT login user account and then add the phone device of your children.

Under the “Controls” tab in your ATT settings for Android app which you can find on the left side of the panel where you can find the options of blocking the internet activities and adding limitations on the way phone devices are used.

From this AT&T app store download app, you can also set up time restrictions for your kids on how they can access the internet. Under the allowed tab in the at t Family Map login app, you can set up the kind of websites you want your kids to browse. Using the block data option in the app, you can apply restrictions on your children to limit their data usage activities.

With the AT&T Data Blocker application, you can switch the data on or off on any of the phone devices using the feature of Mobile Share. 

Below are the steps that you can follow on how you can use this app:

Using your username and password, you can sign into the ATT locate app Mobile Share account and manage multiple accounts from there. Now, you can go to the option of “View Details” to find out the phone numbers of your family members you want to apply restrictions on.

Using this AT&T cell usage app, you can view and control all the account usage activities from there, such as how much data has been shared, numbers of users in the group with whom it is shared, change the subscription plan, amount of data used and others. 

With the ATT kids GPS, you can click on a specific phone device to view the details of all the activities on your kids’ phone. In the section of “Manage my plan and device”, you can click on the option “Turn member’s data on/off” from where you can switch the phone data of your members by togging the option to be on or off for blocking or unblocking the data usage activities on the target phone device.

On the dashboard of t mobile family allowances app, you can find how many days are left until the billing cycle to receive your phone bill. From there, you can determine the amount of data used, the number of text messages used and others. 

Mobile Share feature of the AT&T family tracker login app is an excellent platform using which you can share the data pack with your children and control their phone usage activities. By making payment of $20 per month, you can add the smartphone you want to track and add other devices such as a tablet, smartwatches, and others for just $10 per month.

There are different family plans available with this AT&T family data. Some of the plans begin from less than $80 per month with 80 GB of data and $450 per month for 100 GB of data. 

Using the AT&T Secure Family wireless parental control application which is a single app for focusing on how you can keep the family safe in the online and physical world.

With or advancing technology of smartphones, the Secure Family application provides access to the applications and websites by filtering the content which is appropriate to your family, regulating the screen time and providing the location services to help your family members locate where they are. 

Using the AT&T Secure Family application is not only safe but helps you to track the phone calls, text messages and whether you would like to know how to check internet usage AT&T.

Teenagers can also use the app for accessing the messages, videos, gaming, social networking, and others. This free AT&T WiFi access password application has been designed especially for the parents in the digital age which provides the feature of filtering and blocking the apps as per your preferences other than making sure that the children are exposed to the content which is appropriate to their age.  

There are many AT&T parental controlling software applications available to use for managing the way you would like to control activities of your kids and other family members, such as tracking their locations, viewing what channels they can watch on the television and others.

You can certainly apply the limits and restrictions on what the children are browsing over the web, tracking the messages and tracking the location of your family members. Using the parental control app, you can block the data and restrict the data usage activities of your kids based on what they would like them to monitor.

All the AT&T applications such as the Smart Limits, Data Blocker, FamilyMap and U-Verse have all the features to explore that you need for effectively monitoring and managing the activities of your kids. 

With the Family Map application, it is extremely easy to track where your children are so that you can make sure they are safe. Using the Secure Family application, you can not only trace the location but can also receive the alerts related to when they depart and when they arrive from their home, school and other locations.

Using the app, you can also be aware of the location history accurately. So, you do not need to worry about when your children have left for their school, where they are on the way when they get off the bus and reach their friend’s home.

As parents, you are always concerned about the safety of your children especially when they are teenagers, hence this parental controlling application makes you be aware of their whereabouts. 

Using the AT&T parental controlling application, you can apply a content filter using which you can add the phone device of your child to your AT&T wireless plan. Location tracking is not much applicable to the young children since they stay closer to their homes and instead of using this feature of content filtering and applying limits to the screen time can be better used instead.

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  • To lessen the worry of parents over their kids, parenting controlling is the best. I have longed for a world where I can really filter their activities. AT&T U-Verse has proven to secure my family. The best thing is that it is easy to set. Most of these kids do not think that adults are enlightened well; this is our chance to show them.

  • Phone tracking and TV monitor? Oh yes! The phone can dance around the house in peace without the little kids in my thoughts. The advanced generation came with a new way of raising the young ones. It is cool and easier.

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