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Best Android Parental Control Apps 2022 – Android Phone Monitoring

Every child in this digital era is found to be equipped with smartphones. They are always seen keeping their eyes glued to their phones for surfing the internet or chatting with friends on Facebook. Since they are so obsessed with their mobiles all the time, they lack the skills to socialize with others in the surroundings which affects their personality.

If you install an app for parental control Android, you can control their behavior towards using smartphones. These apps are not just meant only for tracking the locations of your family members but are designed specifically to limit the screen time on their mobile phones

With some of the best parental apps for Android available on the web, you can control the time schedules of your kids, for instance, when you want them to study, the time they can dine in with you, the time they can spend browsing on the web and managing with whom they can communicate. The parental monitoring Android applications are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

They come with basic as well as advanced features available in the premium version. Teenagers are quite active on social media nowadays but at the same time, it also involves exposure to dangerous situations such as being approached by online predators, strangers and scammers. Such situations are quite common for kids who are less than 18 years old. 

What are Parental Controls?

What are Parental Controls?

To avoid exposure to unfavorable situations, you must control the social media activities of your children so that they use social media websites wisely. Having no control over their social media activities is not good. With the help of parental apps for Android phones, you can grow up your child in a fully controlled safe environment.

Irrespective of your opinion to impose parental controls, using the mobile applications that monitor your kids’ activities over the phone is quite effective in helping you ensure the safety of your children. 

Without the use of top parental control apps for Android, you cannot control your children well and they will find themselves being too relaxed with no responsibilities towards their studies and life. Other than using these apps for controlling your kids, these applications can also be used for tracking your spouse, family members and any unknown person whom you are suspicious about.

Though it is illegal to track someone without his permission, it is legal to monitor your kids for security reasons using the best parental monitoring app for Android. 

Children are always spending more of their time using the internet on their mobiles. Smartphones are their favorite gadgets that they like to use every time, but they spend comparatively very little time playing outside in the ground and for other sports-related activities. But with the help of some of the best parental controls for Android phones, you make this possible by controlling their daily schedules and effectively managing their activities.

Monitoring the children regularly is the utmost concern of parents for which they are always worried to avoid any hidden troubles in their life. Using the best parental control app for tablets plays an important role in their life to ensure their kids are safe. 

If the normal routine of children is unmonitored, it can be a big issue of worries for you as parents and you need to implement parental controls for which using a phone app with attractive features is the best solution to your problem.

There are several parental control software for Android phones available on the internet that are compatible with the iOS, Android and other platforms to ease the headache of parents. These mobile applications come with interesting features and several options helpful for monitoring the activities of your children.

How to control apps on Android? Using the monitoring apps, you can limit your screen time and locate the phone device of your children accurately and precisely. 

‘What is a good parental control app for Android’ – there are many parental control apps available on the web but choosing the one which has all the basic and advanced features you need and available at an affordable price are the right apps you can choose from including the best parental control app for Android 2015.

Smartphones are used excessively, and this has bothered all the parents on how their children can find their study life balance. Social media channels such as SnapChat, WhatsApp and Instagram are quite popular among the youngsters, but they spend almost all their time chatting with their friends.

Young kids also follow the footsteps of adults and get themselves engaged in social media activities which require controlling them using the Android teenager parental control applications. 

By reading the online articles and blogs, you can find the list of all the best parental controls for Android apps on the web that help parents to keep their eyes on their children. There are two ways on how you can monitor their activities over the phone.

First is the traditional method using which you can check your child’s phone device to figure out if he has been using the phone safely and there is no issue found. But there are drawbacks to this method. It involves many hassles, has inaccuracy and you may not get the right details in case the data might have already been deleted.

The Second method to monitor your child is Android tablet parental control app. This works out to be the smartest method of tracking what your children do on their phones.  

With the help of parental spyware for Android application, you can benefit from the live control panel that provides the benefit of immediate monitoring. With the real time updates received in the admin panel, you can find the relevant information with no delays.

Using the parental control app for Android tablets, you can track the current location of your children instantly and view their details from the map view other than finding the details in the screen view. Once you have control over your child’s phone, you can send SMS commands to him such as finding their location using GPS, receiving alert messages after you change your SIM, wipe out or lock the target phone device.

With the help of remote parental control apps, you can find details of the messages sent or received in the messenger logs on social media sites such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and others. 

10 Best Android Parental Control Apps 2022

App 3*: mSpy


If you want to know – what is the best parental control app for Android? mSpy is the best mobile application for monitoring your kids. This also works out to be a great spying tool that you can use to keep a watchful eye on someone. Using the application, you can monitor your child’s phone remotely. Once you can access his phone, you can read the sent, received and deleted SMS on his mobile.

By using the best parental control app for Android phone, you can track incoming and outgoing phone calls made on his phone. You can also trace the GPS location of your children from the routes they follow in real time. There are several messaging apps that this parental app for Android provides access to that helps in completely tracking their social media activities on social sites such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, SnapChat, Viber and other applications. 

The mSpy app is a highly recommended app which is compatible with devices such as Android phone, iPad, iPhone, tablet and others. This is one of the top Android tablet parental control apps that comes with basic and advanced functionalities for spying on someone.

You can try the mobile app after creating your account online and explore its features. To set up the mSpy application, you do not need to jailbreak or root your phone and it hardly takes 5 minutes to install the app successfully. Using this best app for parental control, you can receive updates about all your kids’ activities after every 5 minutes by controlling the phone remotely.

All the data you capture from your child’s device is stored on your target phone device which can only be viewed by you. 

With the help of this best child monitoring app for Android, your child does not come to know whether he is being monitored or not. mSpy is a hidden app which remains invisible on your phone after you install it and its icon does not appear on the homepage of your child’s device.

After you log into your control panel, you can also see details about your kids’ phone such as its battery charge level, operating system, internal memory, SD memory and others. With this one of the leading Android parental apps, you can find all the features you need at less than $1/day. Using this application, you can monitor almost any kind of data you want to track. 

Price: The basic subscription package of the mSpy app is available at $29.99 for 1 month, $59.99 for 3 months and $99.99 for a period of 12 months. 

App 7: PhoneSheriff


If you are worried about the safety of your children and how they use their phone, PhoneSheriff is the best cell phone parental control app for you. Using this mobile app, you can block the wrong phone numbers from where you receive inbound or outbound calls.

You can not only block the mobile applications that you do not want but also set up customized time restrictions for your children using the child safety apps for Android. With the help of parental control apps, you can monitor the text messages sent and received on your kids’ phone and receive alert notifications after you have set up custom activities for them. 

By using the GPS feature, you can track the location of where your kids are in real-time and lock their commands so that you can remotely control their phone usage from your end.

With the help of Android phone control app, you can stop them from using their phones all the time and help them to relax their eyes for sometimes being away from their phone screens. In this way, they can also avoid wasting their time on other activities. PhoneSheriff app has been discontinued for the devices of iPhone, Blackberry and iPad, and instead available for Android phones. 

By purchasing one license of Android app parental control, you can use it for up to 3 different devices. After you purchase the app, you can receive instructions on how you can set up the application via email. You can cancel the subscription any time you want. The app is compatible with any CDMA and GSM carriers which include T-Mobile, Orange, AT&T, Sprint and others. For the GPS function to work on the app, you require a device that is GPS enabled.

To install and start using this best Android content filter app, there are three steps you can follow. Firstly, you can install the app on your child’s device. Secondly, you can login into your account after accepting the terms and configuring the app settings. Lastly, you can start viewing the activities of your child directly from the control panel. 

The PhoneSheriff app has been declared as the Gold Award Winner for the year 2015 by Top Ten Reviews. With the help of Android phone parental control app, you can protect your teenage kids by finding out who is there in their contact list.

By accessing the list of people in their phone book, you can block the unknown people to communicate with your kids whom you are not familiar with. Using this Android parental control app, you can set up control limits on how long you want your kids to use their phones.

With the help of parental control app, you can stop your children from being abused by others or determine whether their device privileges have been compromised by hackers so that you can take immediate actions to stop such illegal activities. 

Price: The PhoneSheriff app is available to purchase in two subscription packages. First subscription is for 6 months at $49 and second is a yearly subscription available at $89 per year. 

FamiSafe App

FamiSafe Android Parental Monitoring

FamiSafe is the best parental cell phone monitoring app that offers reliable solution for tracking your family members. Using this application, you can prevent your kids to be affected from cyberbullying. Through the feature of location tracking, you can find out where your child is.

FamiSafe is one of the unique parental control apps for smartphones that comes with app blocking feature using which you can restrict access to all those applications that you do not want your kids to use. Through the web filtering option available in the app, you can filter unwanted content on the internet and allow your child to view only that online content which is appropriate according to their ages. 

Parenting is not easy but using the parental controlling application makes it easier for you to control your kids’ activities online. FamiSafe is one of the leading Android phone parental control apps using which you can control the screen time of your children.

This mobile app is compatible with all phone devices such as Android and other iOS devices. You can sign up on the website to create your account and use the trial version of the app. On the app website, you can also view its demo. With the help of this one of the best parental control app for Android phones, you can block the sites you are suspicious about after you detect them from the web browsing history of your kids. 

The FamiSafe parental software for Android application helps you in monitoring the texts sent and received on the target phone device and prevents cyberbullying.

Using the app, you can search through texts and messages on social media apps regarding the interactions your child had with others. With this method, you can be aware if there is anything wrong and whether they might be communicating with the online predators.  

With this parental control software for Android tablet, you can set up balance screen time using which you can easily create time limits or schedules for the time you want to allow your children to use the internet daily.

There are different control settings available in the app that helps in flexibly controlling the application using different features such as geofencing and app blocking. 

Price: FamiSafe is a subscription-based mobile app available in 3 plans viz. monthly subscription at $9.99 per month, quarterly subscription for $19.99 per month and yearly subscription at $59.99 per month. 

Webwatcher App


Web Watcher is a great parental monitoring app for Android that helps you to track the text messages, make phone calls, view photos, access web activities, find the real-time GPS location and many more such features are available in the app you can benefit from.

This is one of the best apps for monitoring the phone and can be tried for free without any risks involved. You can sign up by entering your name and email address, and then try the application to find out whether it matches your needs. This tablet parental control app also comes with a money-back guarantee after you cancel your subscription.

Using this application, you can monitor just any device from anywhere you want. It has been trusted by millions of parents all over the globe and is found to be compatible with devices such as Android, PC, iPhone, Mac and Chrome. 

Web Watcher is one of the good parental control apps for Android phones. After you create your account, you can monitor your child’s activities from the secured online portal. All the products in the app package gets installed without any issues in just 5 minutes and all the data you have recorded is sent and stored to a web-based account which is secured with your login details and allows you tracking just any device at your own comfort.

From the control panel of this best parental control app, you can view the recorded data and access the alert log using which you can find out the key highlights of all the items that have been identified as risky. 

Using the Web Watcher app, you can protect your children against the offline and online dangers and become a responsible parent. With the help of this Android parent app, you can stay away from exposure to online threats such as online predators, sexting, cyberbullying, suicide prevention, drug use, inappropriate behavior and alcohol use.

Being one of the top 10 parental control apps, the Web Watcher app has received 4 out of 5 ratings by the Editor’s Choice. To monitor the Android phones, there is no rooting required. It hardly takes 5 minutes to install the application and has compatibility with the Android 2.1 version and above. For the iOS device, the Web Watcher application is compatible with the iOS 6.0 version and beyond. 

Price: The Web Watcher app is available to purchase at $10.83 per month, at $59.95 per month for a period of 3 months and for a yearly subscription, it costs $129.95. 

Highster Mobile App

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is one of the top child monitoring apps for Android used for monitoring by the parents and employers. Through this application, you can keep your kids safe and make your employees more productive. Different social media apps on which you can track someone using the Highster Mobile app include Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Using this one of the best parental control applications, you can monitor almost all kinds of activities over the phone including text messages, photos and videos, GPS locations and many more. 

The Highster Mobile is suitable for all the Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac Os X devices. Using this best cell phone parental control software, you can also use this application in case your phone is stolen or lost because you can take a back up of all the app data including the important information and store it into the secured server which you can access if you cannot find your phone. This application works great for employers also. 

Using the Highster Mobile app, one of the best parental apps, employers can get all the peace of mind they need after tracing the GPS location of their employees to confirm that they are on-site and working in their offices.

Companies have strict policies that do not allow the employees to use the internet for personal purposes such as accessing social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp. With the help of Highster Mobile, the best parental control app for Android, you can set up alert notifications for such activities. Whenever any employee tries to access any website which is not related to work, you will be instantly notified of the same. 

Highster Mobile app is the reliable parental control application that has been trusted by many app users across the globe. There is a live control panel feature available in the application using which you can dynamically access the target phone device and get all the real-time updates you need to track your child’s phone.

By using the stealth camera feature of this Highster Mobile application which is one of the best cell phone parental controls with advanced functionality, you can also capture the pictures of the surroundings when you are tracking your child’s phone to ensure that he is in a safe environment.  

Price: The Highster Mobile application is available in two subscription plans viz. Basic at $29.99 per month and Pro subscription at $29.99 per month. 

Part 1: Step by Step Instructions on How to Stalk anyone on Facebook: Spyzie


Spyzie is one of the best smartphone parental controls that comes with all-inclusive features of spying on any phone. From your dashboard, you can not only track the SMS, locations, call logs and social media apps but there’s a lot more you can do with the Spyzie app.

This Android parental application works in invisible mode and does not appear on the home page. Hence, anyone you are tracking is not aware of being monitored and for this reason, you are not likely to be detected of spying on someone. There is no need to jailbreak or root your phone to install this application. The Spyzie app is compatible with all your Android and iOS devices. 

After you have signed up on the app by entering your email and password, you can try the application for free. There is a link available on the app site using which you can view the demo of this app and find all its features.  

Spyzie, one the top mobile parental control apps, is supported with Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony and LG phone devices. You can easily track just any phone device you want in real-time. The application offers 100 percent security and protection of your privacy.

You can also contact the customer support team via email in case you find any issues in the installation of Spyzie parental control mobile app. While you can access the quick guide available on the website, you can also find all the information you need using the section of frequently asked questions.

With the help of Spyzie application, you can capture screenshots of any phone you are tracking. By using its keylogger feature, you can record keystrokes entered on the phone so that you can find out how your child has been using his phone. With this best parental control for Android tablet application, you can quickly start monitoring anyone in just 3 steps. 

Once you have logged into your account on this one of the leading parental control cell phone apps, you can access all the app data from your dashboards itself such as the device model, battery level, current Wi-Fi connection, the name of the network carrier and others.

Unlike other cell phone parental control apps, Spyzie offers additional features at an affordable price. From the control panel web page, you can find details of the new calls made by someone, a new message received from someone, details of any SIM card changes detected and the map view of the last visited location.

On the front home page of this parental monitoring software Android app, you can find a graphical representation of all the phone activities of your child. 

Price: The Spyzie subscription plan for Android and iOS devices start from $29.99 per month.

Bitdefender App Parental Control

Bitdefender Parental Control

Bitdefender parental control app is the best app for parental controls that helps in ensuring the security of your child and prevents him from being affected with online crimes. The app has been rated with 2.1 rating by the app users and occupies the memory space of just 35 MB.

This application is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and above version and more than 50000 users have installed this application. With the help of this smartphone parental controls app, you can track the location of your kids from wherever they are. Using the app, you can also decide the amount of time you want your children to spend on using their phones, for studying and for watching movies etc. 

With the help of Bitdefender, one of the best parental control apps for cell phones, you can set up screen time limits using which you can better control the routine of your kids. From the control panel after logging into your personal account, you can access all the apps installed on your child’s phone and block inappropriate content by effectively managing the applications on their phones.

After setting up the app, you can create your child’s profile on the dashboard and start tracking his phone from there. Bitdefender is a great Android monitoring app for parents that offers the safe check-in option using which your child can mark on their phones when they have arrived safely at their homes so that you get notified about the same. 

With the help of this Android smartphone parental control app, parents can ensure extra safety to their kids. Using the application, you can set up custom habits for your children that are suitable for their ages and are healthy for them.

You can get a complete report of all the digital activities of your kids and use the insights to improve their lifestyles and help them develop good habits. Using this one of the best parental control apps, you can detect the harmful online activities such as cyberbullying and blocks such inappropriate content using the artificial intelligence technology of this app.

As parents, you can also receive alerts in case of verbal attacks or any such activity for taking appropriate actions against them. 

Price: Bitdefender parental controlling application comes with basic and premium subscription plan. The Bitdefender Total Security 2019 subscription is available at $39.99, Bitdefender Parental Control Premium can be bought at $44.99 and the bundle package can be purchased at $39.99 only. 

Mobicip for Android


Mobicip is a great parental cell phone control app using which you can control your children’s behavior and apply the filter to screen out the web content which is not appropriate for them. You can protect your family from all kinds of online threats and limit the screen time of your kids.

Using the Mobicip application which is the best phone parental control app, you can manage the applications installed on your phone and can block the apps that you do not want. With the help of the GPS tracking feature, you can even trace the location of your kids and accurately find out about their whereabouts. 

The Mobicip parental controlling application is compatible with different devices such as iOS, Windows, Chromebook, MacOS, Android, Kindle and others. Using this Android child protection app, you can manage and protect your kids on how they use their mobile devices remotely from anywhere and anytime.

With the help of this application, you can effectively manage screen addiction which is a major issue nowadays, especially among teenagers. You can not only lock the screen time for your family members using the app but also allow or block the applications according to your preferences.

Being one of the top-notch apps for parental controls, Mobicip helps you to implement child data privacy to ensure he is browsing online without any issues, sharing his messages safely and does not get exposed to cyber threats. With the help of this application, you can instantly lock the devices of all your family members.

Using these features of parental controls for Android phones, this app can help you to schedule daily or weekly limits on screen time for your children. With the help of the feature of web browsing history, you can also review the last 4 weeks of the websites your children had browsed online. 

Mobicip is one of the top-rated parental control apps using which you can allow or block the video streaming applications and websites that you do not find relevant to your children. You can also prevent access to the games and applications available on social media sites. 

Price: The Mobicip application is available in two subscription plans viz. Standard plan which protects 5 devices and available at $39.99 per year. You can opt for its trial version for a period of 7 days and protect around 20 phone devices if you upgrade this plan. Another subscription plan offered by the Mobicip app is Enterprise subscription that protects more than 20 devices. This subscription is best for school and business accounts.

SecureTeen App


SecureTeen is one of the best parental apps for cell phones that helps in protecting teenagers from all kinds of online dangers such as online scam, online predators, strangers and others. This app works out to be the right application for your child that provides a complete parental control solution to care for your children.

On the homepage of the Android parental control app website, you can enter your email address and try the application at no cost. Teenagers are quite active in the digital world and like to do everything online. To make sure that the internet is safe for them and they can use it without any issues involved, you can install SecureTeen app on your phone. 

By using the parental filter Android application, you can track your children’s activity in a 24*7 environment and get the peace of mind you need about their safety. SecureTeen app is an undetectable surveillance software that can operate in the hidden mode.

Through non-intrusive monitoring, you can keep track of your children’s activity being in the loop and find all the insights you need such as making calls and messages, making phone calls, tracking the real-time location, tracking the chat messengers and other mobile apps.  

Using the web filtering technology of this SecureTeen app, you can decide upon what is the desired content appropriate for your kids that you want them to see. With the help of this Android phone parental control app, you can never remain in darkness being unaware of the actual situation so that you can take appropriate actions at the time it is required.

SecureTeen offers the feature of screen time management using which you can set up the time you want your kids to spend on a mobile application and align them well with their studies and other important activities in their life. 

This app provides you complete peace of mind and fits all your total monitoring needs. Using this mobile phone parental control app, you can monitor your children and track the quality of their written and oral communication that helps you in determining their progress and growth.

With this parental control Android tablet, you can customize the screen time of your children according to their needs to keep them focused towards about what they need to do in their life with the help of SecureTeen, one of the best parental control apps. 

Price: SecureTeen subscription package is available in Premium Plus and Premium plans. The Premium subscription can be bought at $49.99 per month for managing 3 devices. The Premium Plus subscription can be purchased at $79.99 per year and includes managing 3 devices.

Norton Family Parental Control for Android

 Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control is one of the award-winning parental apps for phones that offers a wide range of monitoring features specifically meant for the parents. This application is a perfect solution for managing the hyper-connected children of today’s time. You can try this app for free under the trial period of 30 days.

You need to create your account on the app website before trying to purchase the application. Using this one of the best parental control apps, you can help your children surf the internet safely on their mobile phones. You can make them stay away from online predators by tracking them and since the app displays what they are doing right now, you can identify the predators and take preventative actions before they could create any problems. 

With the help of this parental phone control, you can ensure the safety of your children and let them explore their digital world without any issues involved. Using the app, you can make your kids enjoy the internet and protect them from all kinds of web content which is unsuitable for them.

Norton Family is one of the best parental control apps that helps you in setting limits on how your kids use their device so that you can establish healthy habits for them to progress further in their lives. This phone parental control has all the tools you need for showing the real-time activities of your kids so that you can flag any unsafe behavior if they had been in communication with the online predators to stop them talking to your children. 

Norton Family is a great Android kid monitoring app using which you can find complete peace of mind and be comfortable about the safety of your children. Your kids can not only become more independent but also feel confident about their safety even at the time you are out of sight.

This parental phone control app consists of all the tools you need to map the locations of their phones whether Android or iOS devices. Norton Family Premier child monitoring app for Android now includes the features of Norton Security Premium also.

With these additional features, you can benefit from identity protection, 100 percent virus-free guarantee, 25 GB cloud storage, global threat detection, and others. Using this best parental control app for teens, you can stay yourself informed about their web usage activities and supervise them properly to make sure that they are not using the websites which are harmful to them. 

Price: The Norton Family Premier mobile application is available for $49.99 per year. 

There are plenty of Android parental security apps available online with extraordinary features that match your spying needs. By reading about them online, you can choose the right application from the list of good parental control apps. These apps are affordable and provide you with all the comfort you need about the safety of your kids by making their digital life free from online threats.

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