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How to monitor kid`s iMessages?

Modern kids have a lot of different gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. Nevertheless, every new gadget sets a lot of challenges for their parents. For example, iMessages, Apple`s proprietary texting tool, creates a lot of concerns as parents want to be sure their kids use this service wisely. That`s why the question: “What parental monitoring apps can see iMessages” is becoming more and more popular.

Why monitoring iMessages is important?

Popular social media platforms are teemed with cyberbullying, online predators, Internet deception, and sexting. That’s why for parents it is essential to monitor all their kids` phone conversations, including iMessages. If you wonder what parent monitoring apps can see iMessages, the answer is simple – mSpy.

With mSpy parents can:

  • View all their kid`s iMessages;
  • See if the iMessage is sent or received;
  • View timestamps (date and time of every message);
  • Get an access to kid`s iMessages from Control Panel.

The good news is that mSpy iMessages monitoring feature is also available for no-jailbreak solution. So you can see all the information from the target iCloud backup without installing any additional app on the target iPhone. All you need is to know Apple credentials (ID and password) of the target iCloud account. Besides, the iCloud backup should be enabled on the device.

So, using mSpy parents can supervise their kid`s iMessage communication. It will help to find out what their kids are chatting about and minimize the risks of sexting, cyberbullying or communication with online predators. With mSpy parents can view their kid`s chats and multimedia files, staying on the top of their online safety.

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